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Where did this come from?
Where did this come from?
{{archive|User talk:Ampi
{{archive|User talk:Ampi}}

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Where did this come from?

ATTENTION: I've just found this awesome phone conversation between Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton. It's really awesome and tells like the fact that they both are lesbian. The thing is though, it's played at a low volume, so you'll want to turn the sound up a bit. You should listen to it with your friends or your secret lover...Click here!

What should I add to my userpage?


Watch this. It seems stupid at first, but it's really funny.

HaHa! I'm in the compy lab! It's... 12:55! Hahaha!!!

hr.png-DarthCow-talk 19:56, 18 April 2006 (UTC)


I have 17 points on Thy Dungeonman 3 ( Mlah!!


Well, I have all 38. Beat that!

I have 38 AND I didn't cheat. =P- Darth Cow


Hey Ampi. For many years an old-ish Windows 98 second edition has been sitting in my sister's room crashed. Well, my dad and I finally re-formatted it, and I'm using it right now. But... there is a catch. This thing doesn't know what it's driver (Video-card) is, so I have miserable picture. Everything's messed up. The other bad thing about it is that the web (Like this, right now) is compltely messed up. I would send you a screenshot, but it can't save it as PNG. Too bad... Well, it does have some good things about it. Like... OK. I give up. Well, it does have internet anyways. hr.png-DarthCow-talk

Well, I'm somewhere in Newport, Oregon, by the coast. Now, I have to use a laptop. It's pretty cool, the only downside is that typing on the keyboard is like HELL! I mean, it's really hard to type a single thing, the damn thing is too God damn sensitive. Yes, it really is pissing me off that much. I would play Runescape right now, but... it's kind of hard to grasp control of the mouse. Let's see how many typos are in the next sentence when I type it... I am somewhere in Newport oareaogon, useing a laptonp is kind of hard. SEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dammit.

Note: Don't change the "Damns" to "Darns" I hate the word "darn." It sounds so... childish.

My compy is fixed up now! Even though, it is 800x600... Well, now it has good picture, the internet's working right, etc. Stop cussing! If my parents see this they'll ground me for life. hr.png-DarthCow-talk

Hey Ampi. It's me, Darth Cow; password: CIRCLE TIME!!! *Where we'll always be to-gether!* Yeah. So, why are you gone again? I'm bored. What a waste of a secret word.

I'm somewhere in Newport. It's a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong way home. I skipped school to come with Dad to his conferences. Right now, I have to wait in the lobby all afternon using this laptop. It's kinda fun, I mean, I get to play Alien Hominid. THAT GAME ROCKS!!!!!!!! IT'S SO FREAKING AWEXOME!!!!!!!!

Right. I'm bored out of my mind. What kind of laptop is it? Whose is it? hr.png-DarthCow-talk

Tobisha. It runs on Windows XP Professional. I hooked a mouse to it to make it easier to control. My Dad saved up for it last year. I only use it if I have to go somewhere where I won't have access to a computer with internet access.

What's wierd is, when I searched for alien hominind, it said it wasn't on PC. What the crap? Darth_Cow-Small.PNG -DarthCow-talk

It's an online game.


Eddn, hindow, kindlingdon... 52.gif


That was March, dumdum. I was fixing the link to my page! If you don't want me to edit your page every 2 YEARS, I suggest you go to a wiki where they don't support trolling. Darth_Cow-Small.PNG -DarthCow-talk 14:37, 23 May 2006 (UTC)

Retard Kitty

This is what your cat looks like, right?

Stupid kitty

(This cat has "Mental Issues")

Darth_Cow-Small.PNG -DarthCow-talk 23:28, 9 June 2006 (UTC)

My cat looks nothing like that.

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