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Nice one on the Uncyclopedia:Anniversaries/April page. It's much better than my lame effort! --Machinecurse 18:44, 5 Apr 2005 (EDT)

Great job with the featured images template! --Rcmurphy 21:08, 13 Jul 2005 (UTC)

Ditto --Elvis 11:40, 14 Jul 2005 (UTC)

Come to my page!--Alfred 23:10, 26 Jul 2005 (UTC)

Vote for me


Nominate and/or vote Rataube as January's Noob of the Month, for his contributions with, articles, editions, manteinance work, and much, much, much more. Or get ready to be eaten by a grue.

Template:Joke explanation

Algo, you've convinced me - see my reply to you on Template_talk:Joke explanation. Thanks for your contributions to the jokes about jokes about jokes complex, by the way. --CrunchyCapsicum 08:43, 5 Dec 2005 (UTC)


Good to see someone making good use out of the code from that template after I spent two days banging my head against a wall trying to write it — especially since I managed to inadvertantly piss off Splaka multiple times while trying to figure out how to make it work. Cheers! :) --Isra1337 11:03, 24 Nov 2005 (UTC)

Template:Randomstub, <option> and <choose>

(moved from Uncyclopedia: Report a problem)

I'm seeing an odd problem with text contained within the random <option> and <choose> tags; in each individual random item, the </td> and </tr> tags are passed to the browser unmangled but any attempt to use <td> and <tr> within these items results in the < and > being arbitrarily replaced with &lt; and &gt; - the effective result being that tables (or table fragments) do not work at all within random <option> blocks. :( --Carlb 21:33, 21 Jul 2005 (UTC)

Jesus, I was about to post when your whole message disappeared. I was damn confused, but in the end pulled out the banstick and the rollback machine and all was well. What I was *about* to post, before I was so rudely interrupted, was that while I cannot help you, I would like to thank you for showing me some new code. I will attempt to bring this server to its knees by using it excessively. TY. --Famine 22:04, 21 Jul 2005 (UTC)

Random selections are not part of the standard MediaWiki code. This is an extension written by User:Algorithm, so it may be best to contact him directly with these problems. Angela 21:52, 23 Jul 2005 (UTC)

Thanks for pointing out on the Magic 8-Ball quote template that weights aren't required if they're all the same, Algorithm. Good job on this MW extension, I like it. Without it the article would've been far less random. :P Hooloovoo 11:51, 28 Jul 2005 (UTC)

sorry about cow orker

Yah, I shouldn't have linked to the undic entry (and I fixed it a while ago, but it is cached on most pages with that template). You can get rid of it from wanted by null editing all these pages but that'd be a bitch of a job. Bah. --Splaka 01:52, 3 Nov 2005 (UTC)

Best Typo Ever

Thanks for reading my caution_wet_floor entry. Just wanted to let you know the typo was intentional. My mom is Korean and she said "mothra" instead of "mother" once and its stuck in my head ever since as one of her funniest accent slips. Thought it would be perfect to slip into the article. :) --Staxeon 03:05, 3 Nov 2005


Couldn't find any other way to contact you, so I had to do it through this humble talk page. My problem concerns your RandomSelection Mediawiki extension. I have a wiki (1.5) somewhere that I thought this would be fun to install on. Sadly, the extention doesn't work. After submitting an edit containing the random tags, it produced something like:


Have you ever seen the extention behave in this manner? Or is this a server problem? --King Nintendoid 13:36, 3 Nov 2005 (UTC)

It worked! {pounce-huggle}--King Nintendoid 11:48, 5 Nov 2005 (UTC)


Hi. I am the godfather of he:. I wanted to ask you if you know a technical way to get over the links problem. Every link must include the he: prefix, and it's VERY uncommunicative. If not, ould the Uncyclopedians vote for the proposal to let go and let us link in Hebrew without he? Every non-Hebrew link will be deleated. Thank you very mutch, Kakun 06:10, 7 Dec 2005 (UTC)

It is a secret plot to make all foreign language users create their own uncyclopedia clone on wikicities. You can link stuff sorta thusly מאן דהוא to hide the 'He:'. --Splaka 06:13, 7 Dec 2005 (UTC)

But if I link as you said, it will appear red. What exactly do you mean?

Also, How can I make new Hebrew tamplates, such as "people" or "countries"? Kakun 06:55, 7 Dec 2005 (UTC)

Using the code [[He:מאן דהוא|מאן דהוא]] results in מאן דהוא. As for templates, simply create pages in the Template: namespace, and link to them with double-braces (for example, {{stub}} puts the contents of Template:Stub on the page). --Algorithm (talk) 07:00, 7 Dec 2005 (UTC)
EDIT CONFLICT! But I was posting pretty much the same thing:
Sorry, the source was: [[He:מאן דהוא|מאן דהוא]] you use the He: before the |, and you can put anything you want after. Damn that font screws with my browser though. To make hebrew templates, you can probably just prefix them eg: with Template:מאן דהוא and then use the text in curly brackets normally: {{מאן דהוא}}. However, you are limited with what you can do here. If you are serious about a full hebrew wiki, you can ask to set one up for you (we'll even vouch for you). --Splaka 07:02, 7 Dec 2005 (UTC)
Thank you all. I think I'll wait for the ninth or tenth aerticle first. Kakun 17:14, 7 Dec 2005 (UTC)

NRV; how about MTUsign?

I really like what you did with Template:NRV and think that it's a mighty useful template; have you considered implementing a similar system for Template:MTUsign? --Sir gwax (talk) Signuke 13:52, 7 Dec 2005 (UTC)

I have, yes. Please see the full discussion on this in the Village Dump: Uncyclopedia:Village_Dump/archive10#Timestamp_categorization --Algorithm (talk) 02:46, 8 Dec 2005 (UTC)
Go ahead and implement them for whatever templates you think are worthy, algo. The test seems successful so far, the NRV week 7 tagged articles got huffed by RC on rollover. --Splaka 02:48, 8 Dec 2005 (UTC)
IMO, we haven't faced the acid test quite yet (i.e., New Year's). Once we clear that I'll start expanding the implementation. --Algorithm (talk) 02:54, 8 Dec 2005 (UTC)
I've started a bit of a list here: Template talk:NRV. A monthy mod12 (possibly with letters a-l) could be useful for things like voting for deletion and monthy awards. Some others might be useful in an at-a-glance organization too (I stuck them in 'other'). If we do this, it might be worthwhile to ditch MTUsign and go back to MTU. Feel free to edit/add-to/delete-from the list. Cheers. --Splaka 12:25, 13 Dec 2005 (UTC)


I wanted to use a variable that would return a number 1 to 366 (or more probably 0 to 365) for Template:Wotd (code), but there doesn't seem to be one: m:Variables#Varying_with_time. {{CURRENTDAY}} only shows the day of the month. {{CURRENTDOW}} the day number of the week (which I just realized is 0-6, oops). To make a real Day of the Year template you'd have to make a meta template to calculate it using an array of days of the month, which used another meta template to take the mod4 of the year and find if Feb had 28 or 29 days that year. Alternately you could use {{CURRENTWEEK}}, but again you'd have to adjust for the day of the week offset each year (ugh). I don't think it would be easy. That is why I used CURRENTWEEK.CURRENTDOTW which gives an array 0.0 to 53.6 which is not all used but close enough. --Splaka 00:44, 11 Dec 2005 (UTC)

Sorry, forgot to mention my point in that: The Mod10 template probably doesn't need to go to 366. --Splaka 00:44, 11 Dec 2005 (UTC)
PS: I don't know how they do mathmatical calculations in templates. If you want to investigate, check out m:Template:Add as a jumping off point. --Splaka 02:13, 11 Dec 2005 (UTC)

Yah, me again. If there can't be a true {{CURRENTDOY}} (which seems unlikely), then the by-the-week is by far easier to generate than a by-the-month. Just requires a 1-54 array and a 1-0 (1 2 3 4 5 6 0) array inside (silly mediawiki software, the week starts on 1 and ends on 0). Some of the start and end don't get used, but that is easy to live with. Although I suppose a 1-12 and 1-31 for each month wouldn't be any worse. PS: I am almost always in IRC if you want some real time bitching dialog ^_^ --Splaka 03:50, 11 Dec 2005 (UTC)

("Arg, why won't Splaka leave me alone to code! I am sick of that orange box!")Just another note. There is the performance issue to take into account. Overly-metaizing the process (on the main page especially) can make a detrimental server load -> Wikipedia:Wikipedia:Avoid_using_meta-templates. Don't hurt me! Blame DavidG for mentioning it. --Splaka 04:47, 11 Dec 2005 (UTC)

Chess template

I've made {{Chess}}, which is a randomly generated chess board. It only uses 13 pngs and table code slightly based on wikipedia's (but using alpha png). It uses 64 includes each with 13 choose options, in two sub-templates {{Chess/mid}} and {{Chess/edge}} (no pawns on the top/bottom edges). I haven't posted it and I've linked it (but not embedded it) anywhere but Uncyclopedia:Templates/Random_silliness. Can you tell me if it is way too system intensive? If it is, it is huffable. But lemme know if I can keep it ^_^. It wasn't the main reason I made the table and pieces, that was for {{Chessboard}} which is a customizable/playable board (see Template talk:Chessboard) and only uses one non-meta template really. Cheerio. --Splaka 10:36, 16 Dec 2005 (UTC)

Nah, should be fine. Believe me, if they're not sending me to the gallows for making Mad Libs, just about any use of random tags is OK. Only thing to watch out for there is your use of PNGs, which Internet Explorer doesn't render properly (yeah, I know, but it's still a majority browser). Might want to switch to GIFs for the time being. --Algorithm (talk) 23:16, 16 Dec 2005 (UTC)
Yah, it does look like crap in IE. I knew it would. Meh, transparent gifs can't be resized in wikicode very well, but I guess it'd be ok if I just made them the right size from the outset. Hmm. I'll give it a try. Or actually, I might have it as an optional parameter so a person can choose which. Cheers. PS: Any thoughts on how to have exactly one king of each color on the random board (and yet have them equally likely on all 64 squares)? I can't figger it without 4000+ templates. --Splaka 23:35, 16 Dec 2005 (UTC)
4000 sounds about right. --Algorithm (talk) 00:01, 17 Dec 2005 (UTC)
OK, I converted over {{Chessboard}} to allow either format to be used (see Template_talk:Chessboard), and I think the gif looks better: User:Splaka/test3. Should I huff the png or just leave them as an option? I'll convert the random one to gif (without a png option). --Splaka 00:57, 17 Dec 2005 (UTC)
Huff it. --Algorithm (talk) 10:23, 17 Dec 2005 (UTC) (If you don't like the answer, click here.)
ROFL. Random humor != funny, eh? --Splaka 10:32, 17 Dec 2005 (UTC)
I'm an administrator. I'm never funny. --Algorithm (talk) 11:09, 17 Dec 2005 (UTC)


I'm glad you liked The Night After Christmas. I felt sort of chumpish after my previous mediocre effort. Now that I've reedeemed myself and the holiday will soon be over, I can quit pimping myself and go back to being a BastardAdmin. Scout's honour.  :) -- T. (talk) 02:11, 23 Dec 2005 (UTC)

How to become a model Bucharest citizen question

Do by any chance know Romanian? It would be great if somebody would help me with the translation of the page. It's really funny but I have no idea who did it.Darcken 19:57, 27 Dec 2005 (UTC)

I don't; sorry. --Algorithm (talk) 07:38, 29 Dec 2005 (UTC)

Why did you delete that page?

Hey, why did you delete that page about the 297 dollar bill? "Unfunny pop culture reference"? I thought it was funny when I saw it a couple minutes after it was created, and now I forget who wrote it, I can't get it from my browsers cache, I forgot a few things about the page, and now, I can't look it up again to see what it referenced, who made the page and can't even look up who wrote the page or changed it. That's right, I thought it was funny, and I didn't even know what it referenced. Bring it back, or tell me how to see it again.

P.S. I looked at your contributions/deletions/whatever and followed it back to [[Dollar], and I see who probably made the article now. But I noticed on Dollar that it referenced Spongebob (as the face on the dollar bill), which is also pop culture? Wouldn't that be something you call unfunny? Didn't you want to delete that, too? or don't you think you should have just left that article on the 297 dollar bill alone?

Your article was way too short and as awesome as that episode of Futurama is, your reference was not funny. If you want to make that joke, I recommend adding it to Dollar and not trying to make an article all on its own. --Sir gwax (talk) Signuke 15:57, 4 Jan 2006 (UTC)


Ack, quit messing with the sidebar. Come in to Wikicities. --Splaka 03:47, 18 January 2006 (UTC)

re: Hesitation NRV

That's fine; I just didn't like the red link on the front page. By the time it gets auto-huffed the wotd twill be long since over. --Sir gwax (talk) Signuke 08:56, 22 January 2006 (UTC)

Thank You

...for your vote for OCD. Between the introduction of the NRV tag (which we're now all hooked on like crack) and your hard work on overhauling all the templates to integrate time stamping and/or new MediaWiki functions, I think you've kicked some serious ass around here lately. (applauds!) I really think that Uncyclopedian of the Month is the least you deserve. I'd nom you for this month but am a little concerned that you wouldn't get as many accolades as you deserve. I could be wrong—we've more than our fair share of last-minute voters. February for sure, unless someone else noms you first. --T. (talk) 16:38, 23 January 2006 (UTC)


Senor Rithm - As far as I can tell, you didn't do anything in particular but porque have you modified my user page twice? The non-edit edits made me think you were a bot, but you seem to be alive. In any case, be well. 2nd lt. sir wild weasel kun vfh fp 16:38, 23 January 2006 (UTC)

Yeah, I killed a category-redirect you were linking to, so I changed the link. --Algorithm (talk) 20:57, 23 January 2006 (UTC)

Sorting NRV by time?

What if we had: [[Category:Worthless Articles|{{mod6|{{CURRENTWEEK}}}}_{{DOWfix{{CURRENTDOW}}}}_{{CURRENTTIME}} {{PAGENAME}}]]

(Where {{Dowfix|#}} returned: 1->1 2->2 3->3 4->4 5->5 6->6 0->7)

Then the NRV's would be sorted by date within the week header, and could be huffed more regularly. This could extend to some of the other tags (WIP maybe).

<MoneySign> It'll ruin NRV-day, though...

Hush! Thoughts? --Splaka 12:06, 24 January 2006 (UTC)

Should probably only sort using one timeflag sublevel, so it's obvious where one date ends and another begins (basically, you'd have seven stretches of alphabetically-sorted content). But yeah, that's entirely feasible. --Algorithm (talk) 20:54, 24 January 2006 (UTC)
I've gone ahead and created {{dow}} for this purpose. However, it may be best to wait until the week rolls over to implement it. --Algorithm (talk) 21:01, 24 January 2006 (UTC)
Yah, that makes sense too. Ok! Week# and Dow#. On the next rollover. --Splaka 00:18, 25 January 2006 (UTC)

On a related but different note, the use of {{CURRENTWEEK}} and {{CURRENTDOW}} seems to cause our categorization to be sorted based on the last time a page was editted, not when the tag was placed because that's what I've been seeing and it manages to make the sort by date substantially less useful. Is there a way that we could parse the ~~~~~ or do a {{subst:CURRENTWEEK}} so as to cause the sorting to be based on the time the tag was placed. --Sir gwax (talk) Signuke 18:51, 30 January 2006 (UTC)

Also, while I'm commenting on NRV, is there a way that we could cause articles that have been tagged {{NRV}} instead of {{NRV|~~~~~}} to show up in a special place in the category listing. --Sir gwax (talk) Signuke 18:54, 30 January 2006 (UTC)
The sorting by last edit is completely intentional. Personally, I think it's more useful, not less, by sorting in that fashion. If a page is being constantly edited, there's a good chance that it's being improved, and at any rate it certainly won't be the same as the page that was originally marked; as such, its deadline should be extended. The current system does this automatically.
As for your second suggestion, there may be a way to do this, but I won't be able to implement it until we upgrade to 1.6. --Algorithm (talk) 21:33, 30 January 2006 (UTC)

I had some free time and took my first run through NRV-land today - I have to say, damn fine work there. The Mod-6 stuff was brilliant, and makes whacking NRV'd articles amazingly efficiant. The next time we run into each other, I'll buy the beer. Bone_F_clear.png Sir Famine, Gun Petition » 03:40, 6 February 2006 (UTC)


Can Babel:96 get some time on the Main Page? - Nonymous 01:56, 8 February 2006 (UTC)

I'm Despeechified!

Wow, Algorithm, thanks for that comment of yours on Neuroipods! I don't know what to say. I owe you one! --Some user 02:28, 10 February 2006 (UTC)

Speaking of new namespaces...

Any idea why our 5 new namespaces have their talk namespace counterparts in upper case "T"? Wilde_Talk: --Splaka 04:21, 10 February 2006 (UTC)

Ask Jason. --Algorithm (talk) 04:24, 10 February 2006 (UTC)

<choose> broked

Any idea why your "choose" tags aren't working? I've asked in #wikicities but nobody's answered yet. --—rc (t) 21:00, 12 February 2006 (UTC)

FIXt --Splaka 00:21, 13 February 2006 (UTC)

Hard returns instead of <br />'s

So, before you start thinking "Guh! Why is he a sysops? He doesn't even know the <br /> thing!", I'll just say I was going for clarity over whitespacity. Especially since it's new an' all that. But ok, yeah, fine... S'pose it is better in the longrun to do it your way... Thanks, I guess. ;) --⇔ Sir Mon€¥$ignSTFU F@H|NS|+S 13:18, 26 February 2006 (UTC)

Nice work!

Very, very nice work on the forum hacking. I dug through the code and threw it up on a wiki I run, and it's working pretty well. One issue tho - "prefix" (in the inputbox section) doesn't seem to work, and checking out that page, I see that "prefix" isn't a legit input parameter. For the moment, I switched to "default=Forum:" to make it work, but I'm wondering, did you make any changes to something to make "pefix" work? Bone_F_clear.png Sir Famine, Gun Petition » 19:55, 26 February 2006 (UTC)

Yeah, that's a different extension I wrote in conjunction with the forum. You can find it here. --Algorithm (talk) 21:24, 26 February 2006 (UTC)
Thanks a bunch. While nobody ever visits my wiki, it at least keeps me from completely losing all my db/php/unix admin skills. Even if I have to look everything up every time I go to do anything. ;) Bone_F_clear.png Sir Famine, Gun Petition » 22:47, 26 February 2006 (UTC)


Whyfor did you revert me on Forum:Village Dump without even an explanation? The external image there makes it look bad, and it is an internal link technically IMHO. But, using rollback shortcut on other users (especially admin) when it isn't simple vandalism is against basic wiki etiquette (2nd point). --Splaka 05:34, 27 February 2006 (UTC)

Basially a style choice; I don't like using normal links to non-normal pages. Sorry about the lack of etiquette. --Algorithm (talk) 07:21, 27 February 2006 (UTC)
Waaaaaaah! *cries*. You don't love me anymore. --Splaka 07:34, 27 February 2006 (UTC)
Actually, on the front page, I think the edit buttons would look better as external links. The problem is any font bigger or smaller than 100% seems to bleed the external image. Which would be the best way to reinstate it? --Splaka 02:12, 28 February 2006 (UTC)
  1. Put in the image manually as an external image
  2. Shrink the text manually (text-size:"83%")
  3. Move the text size from the TD to a span for the header title.

Slight topic change

Isra's code hurts my brains! It works sometimes and not others. Can you take a look at Template:H and tell me why it won't return the stuff in Template:H/code unless it is very simple text (eg {{{{{h1}}}|h.1| }}{{{{{h2}}}|h.2| }}{{{{{h3}}}|h.3| }}{{{{{h4}}}|h.4| }}{{{{{h5}}}|h.5| }}{{{{{h6}}}|h.6| }}) ? Is it some syntax error on my part that I can't see? (Also, if you can get it working, can you replace 'header' text with the value of the second parameter?) ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ --Splaka 05:43, 28 February 2006 (UTC)

Honestly, in this case I wouldn't worry about it. This particular idea makes more sense as 6 separate templates anyway. --Algorithm (talk) 06:43, 28 February 2006 (UTC)
Fair nuff! Bah. ^_^ --Splaka 06:58, 28 February 2006 (UTC)

Thanks, vol. 3

Just a note of thanks for your vote and comment. It means a lot. And thanks for your continued great work around here. The new forums kick ass. ~ T. (talk) 14:26, 28 February 2006 (UTC)

Your forums rock. --Chronarion 23:38, 1 March 2006 (UTC)

RE: <calc> tag

Any possibility we can get <calc> extension to work here? --Mahroww 07:00, 4 March 2006 (UTC)

Algorithm and Dawg would probably be a better candidates to ask. This is up their alley, whereas it's like another continent to me.  :) ~ Sir Todd Lyons GUN WotM UotM +S etc. (yadda3) 12:30, 4 March 2006 (UTC)

Forwarded msg. to you. -- – Mahroww a.k.a. Emir Henry A. Tootsie  03:28, 5 March 2006 (UTC)

Why would this extension be useful? Keep in mind that extension output cannot be passed to templates or used in links or images. The only use I can see is straightforward display, which can be entirely handled either by templates or simply entering the answer. --Algorithm (talk) 07:09, 5 March 2006 (UTC)

I was going to use it insted of the word "yesterday" in the QuoteUnquote "main page"... that is (CURRENTDAY-1) along with the month and year.

Other than that I thought about using it on the bottom of my user page where I have the fake "last updated" line. There have been a few other instances where I thought a particular date would be better suited than a word but I don't quite remember where. It also could be used to generate a pseudo (VERY PSEUDO) random number. Actually I could probably come up with a bunch of reasons but none of them would be particularly persuasive for an argument to have the <calc> extension to be added. SOOOO...if it is not a pain in the ass, would you add it even if it is just for my own personal satisfaction? I'll be happy to return the favor in any way I can. Just ask. Thanks. -- – Mahroww a.k.a. Emir Henry A. Tootsie  08:08, 5 March 2006 (UTC)

Displaying the previous date isn't completely possible with calc (it'd be wrong on the first of each month). However, templates can handle it fine: see Template:Yesterday. --Algorithm (talk) 10:19, 5 March 2006 (UTC)
  • Thanks, that's even better. I considered the 0th of each month but it's only one day. HEH. While you are being so helpful can you explain what the User:Name/Uncyclopedia.js does? There doesn't seem to be a help page on that...for that matter it only changes what the "User" sees not anyone else right? -- – Mahroww a.k.a. Emir Henry A. Tootsie  22:02, 5 March 2006 (UTC)
Correct. Uncyclopedia.js provides a place to put javascript code that is executed on every page the user views. --Algorithm (talk) 22:44, 5 March 2006 (UTC)


If you revert my edits to templates, then, pretty please with sugar and honey, at least make {{message box}} XHTML-compliant. See {{Message box/XHTML}}. - User:Guest/sig 05:19, 7 March 2006 (UTC)

Done. --Algorithm (talk) 06:40, 7 March 2006 (UTC)

Happy Birthday

Well, at Uncyclopedia, anyway.

# 06:08, 12 March 2005 (hist) (diff) Tinky Winky (Reverted) 

The Teletubbies are much safer for your continued watchful eye. :) ~ T. (talk) 01:44, 13 March 2006 (UTC)

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