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Can I just point out how glad I am that you didn't use a similar concept to spellcheck, because I'm sure you would have done it better. Pup 12:31 21 Feb '12

A fun article, only one person could have done it better. I followed your links and one of them led to the front page of undictionary. I've never looked at that page. That new noob (forgot his name, the one who's doing The Starry Night) has some amazing dictionary entries. Aleister 00:52 21-2-'12 (backwards: 21'-2-12)
Oh... I love it! Pup 12:32 21 Feb '12
Good, I was going to write you about that to see if it was alright. The toodles at the end was part of the page flow (like on this one, where I envision only one See Also entry - damn you wiki concept) but you, once again, made me stretch my mind's eye. And Shabidoo suggested more links to homophones, so I'll put in a few more. A man's work is never done. Al 12:45 21-2-'12
Yeah, I thought about the toodles as the sole see also as well, which is why the comment I made when I added it was for you to make the call. It definitely needs to be the final word on the article. The other option we have is that spellcheck, Proofreading, this, and a few others in the same general manner (spelling and grammar related thingies) could possibly be put together as a template, which could be added after this. That would bring toodles back to the only entry in the see also, and then the related stuff in a template. That just leaves the issue of making a template. And it's a relief to know I wasn't the only one when given a happy monkey topic to say what the bleeding Mary and Joseph am I going to do with this? Pup 01:01 21 Feb '12
A grammar template sounds boring to me, but I hate grammar. Spellcheck works well now, as it is portrayed as a homophone. What's a good Proofreading homophone? How about Sherlock Holmes (or Arthur Conan Doyle, to put another layer onto it!) Where's your feature today? I don't see it. hahahahaheheheeheeheehee etc. Al 13:09 21-2-'12
Yeah - which is how HowTo talk:Be Happy got created. Also, let me know what your thoughts are on this so far? Pup 01:14 21 Feb '12
I put the Doyle thing in. No Feature No Cry. Ah, I'm signing off now but will look at the history page when I am drawn back in. Al'ster 13:30 21-2-'12
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