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Hi, and feel free to edit or write a page like "Girl", which is in horrible shape (I've never looked at it before, or the really stupid "China" page you pointed out). Since we are a wiki, you can jump in with three feet. Thanks for pointing out these pages, and they should be taken out and shot at dawn (like in China). Aleister 3:58 1-3-'12

Eek, if you're a 12 year old girl maybe this website isn't the best place for you. You may see things here that will age you to 20 in no time. Does anyone know if we have a younger version of uncy? But you know what, we had a 12-year old boy come here over a year ago and nobody knew he was 12, and he won awards for being a new user, for photoshopping, and is still a wonderful user. This site is adult-orienated though, and it's hard imagining what young children would find when they wander around it. Lots of the concepts here are satire, a joking about things which are already known by people, and of course lots of sick-appearing minds work here but most of that is joking about adult topics. Anyway, thanks for all the input. Aleister 3:05 1-3-'12

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