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Hello, and yo. You are up for banning, why not talk to people and join in the fun and learn the ropes around here. Not many ropes, and they're fun when you master them, but a couple can hang you pretty quick. Barf has the start of a good page! Aleister (UTC)

Yes, we are both trying to help you, though in the last edit, you descended from dumb FAQs about Barf to awful puns involving Barf. One sturdy Rope Aleister is referring to is the one about not removing the {{ICU}} tag. This is to be done only by designated personnel if they should find that the page finally rises above the level of, well, Barf. Also, please pick a user name. is like a Red Shirt in Star Trek: They can be killed off just to get the plot to twist. Spıke Ѧ 18:56 18-Mar-12

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