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edit I have deleted your page

As you need to create an account if you want one... Anyway, here is the text which was on it in-case you want it...

“I'm so goth, I shit bats.”
~ Rozz Williams on Goth
“Do not.”
~ Andrew Eldritch on Rozz Williams
“That would explain my indigestion yesterday.”
~ Ozzy Osbourne on bats
~ Bats on Ozzy Osbourne
~ Bats on Bats
“Goths are people too”
~ Jen on Goth
“Goths are a magnificent creature, if you are lucky you can find one at your cemetery at night”
~ Steve Irwin on Goth
“Goths? Love em. Couldn't eat a whole one though.”
~ Oscar Wilde on Goths
“Man, I just love grown adults acting like they're in a high school clique.”
~ Anonymous on Goth Scene
“The Goth Scene, where jocks and cheerleaders turn to try to maintain their popularity.”
~ Real Goths on Poseur Goths
Goths - Collect a whole set!”
~ Ace Ventura on Goths
“ I hate goths! No really! Just because I started the genre of Gothic Rock doesn't mean I'm goth at all!”
~ Andrew Eldritch on Goths

Enjoy. MrN Icons-flag-gb HalIcon.png WhoreMrn.png Fork you! 03:44, Mar 17

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