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OK, you got me curious. Who's Kent Collins? --Uvula Donor 11:44, 24 Mar 2005 (EST)

Hello, its me.. someone has a personal thing against me and added my name to this site with some annoying things said, so i deleted what was said about me as i do not wish to be exploited on here, i would be very grateful if kent collins was deleted altogether including the history. ta :D

I see. Thanks. --Uvula Donor 11:50, 24 Mar 2005 (EST)

Wow, i see my name popping up all over the place now, can these be sorted?? even ban the words kent collins from the site. this makes me feel un-easy. ah, again would be greatful if you could do this :)

This is annoying now, someone can type very fast or something. How annoying.

Hi Uvula Donor, its me again (at home), i would be very greatful if you can ban the ip address from the person writing my name (Kent Collins) other wise im going to court to get this person done for slander and i dont want to drag the lovely people that run this site and ruin it for everyone as i like it to.

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