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If you have to include stuff about Team Wanger (who every the fuck they are)

  1. make it funny (difficult because unlike Oprah, for instance, they are almost certainly non-notable)
  2. Don't randomly include it into existing articles (if it's that funny others will do that).
  3. Remeber your intended audiance is the whole world not 2/3 members of your CS clan (see 1 above)

Major League Bloodbath is a good example of an internaly consistant yet esentialy nonsence collection of pages which has been included in existing articles. A good place to start for general Uncyclopedia'ness is Uncyclopedia:About and Uncyclopedia:Flamewar Guidelines or (most) of the Category:Ignorable policies

--Sir Elvis KUN | Petition 21:15, 17 Aug 2005 (UTC)

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