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Thomas Edison created this class and its teacher in 2389, he could not have created a more useless class.The teacher of this class, a misses Baker is commonly called Cumslut due to the constantly changing last name. Why would anyone care about the science of the environment or anything that belongs to the environment in the first place. BUT maybe im wrong maybe we need the environment for things like sliced bread and Kitten Huffing or maybe to make magical flying fesces.

edit Two for Two

At the beginning of each class we are exposed to an extremely rare and dangerous form of radiation called tufurtuion. This radiation is disguised as simple, mindless questions used to activate your brain at the start of class, but really it just widens your ear holes to allow this harmful radiation to penetrate your brain.

When exposed to this radiation for an extended period of time it can lead to thoughts of homosexuality and eventually death from buttsecks.

edit Labs

She had us play in a sandbox full of pubic lice for a full hour.

Another lab consisted of cutting out perfect little squares, triangles, and circles of paper and then spreading them all over the schools lawn, then we had to clean it all up then we all recieved huge fines from the city for littering and she told us she hoped we learned our lessons.

Owl Lab - Consisted of ripping owl poop apart and searching for bones and other animal remains in this. When asked why we had to do this Cumslut explained that, "This is what god had to go through when he created the world, only it was his own poop he had to search through for good ideas."

edit Homework

Generally consists of coloring in pictures that are normally assigned to kids in elementary school, then writing 12 chapter essays on the pictures. The homework is incredibly ridiculous and in most cases noone does it.

edit Homework Club

Recently if you are lucky enough to not do your homework you get to spend the first or last half hour of your school day with the cumslut.

She claims that you will do your homework in this "detention", but really she is going to bring in her husband, gag you, and have him rape you until your anus is a gaping hole larger than Martha Stewarts vagina.

If you choose to not come to homework club(as most people do) then you will be forced to serve two official school detentions, this is preferred because although you have to stay longer, and twice, it does not involve the anal rape or gags which can cause serious cases of chapped, bloody lips.

edit Current Events

The only worth while homework assignment. NOT!

While searching through the newspaper for an article to use for my current event, I found an article about a deer who had jumped into a mans house and the man killed the deer with his own hands. Naturally I used this for my current event and expected to fail anyway. I wrote a nonsense report about how manly this guy is and how he ate the deers brain afterwords, instead of failing I recieved 10/10 on this paper.

edit Cumslut

This nasty beast is extremely dangerous. If approached at high speeds she will moan like a ghost and flip stools in your general direction. She is the love baby of a werewolf and a deer tick and has 3 foot fangs. Her claws are strong enough to rip a nutsack clean off. She has a lovechild that is a giant can of RC cola.

edit Cumsluts Husband

This giant mountain troll occasionally "chaperones" us on field trips...really he just takes people to hidden areas A.K.A caves and gives you large pieces of delicious candy. Unfortunately this "candy" comes to life in your stomach and eats its way back out of you. He then uses this newly formed hole to have sex with and then he bukkakes all over your face.

edit Stupid Things That Cumslut Has Actually Said

  • "That way, you know what you dont know."
  • "Damn these damn penises"
  • "If you guys dont understand this your stupid."

edit Random Facts That We Have Actualy Been Taught

  • The Earth is 128% water.
  • Soil is made out of crack rocks and Bob Doles kids.
  • God only existed until Darwin was born, then he took over
  • There are 300 inches in a centimeter.
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