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edit birth of a legend

on a cold October night a meteor crashed into a tomato field and smashed a tomato the radioactive fumes zombified a tomato and it killed many humans.

edit Zombies in da hood

one day a young black boy was walking to school when a mean zombie tomato came and swung a nail filled baseball bat at his knees it then started to bite him profusely UNTIL THE SMALL BLACK BOY WAS THEN TURNED INTO A ZOMBIE.The boy got up and walked away looking to infect someone,but the boy was black so he had no friends, parents, or relatives so the boy bit a cucumber.The cucumber was a black zombie vegetable hybrid and shared many of those traits,it had a strong desire to become a rapper and performed many songs.The Gangsta cucumber was the first vegetable to be infected by the zombie food virus.

edit Offspring

the zombie tomato has had many offspring. The first of withch is the

Gangsta Cucumber. he is a vegetable-negro hybrid that can rap

the second offspring from the tomato is Rick Moranis. ricks mother was pregnant when she went to a grocery store and was stuffed in a tube sock for seven days during this time the zombie tomato crawled up into her vagina and fought an epic battle with pre-fetus rick moranis. while locked in mortal combat the zombie bit his eyes(witch is why he wheres glasses)after this battle the fetus became preggers and gave birth to the true rick moranis and he ripped from his mothers womb and followed the orders of the zombie tomato.

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