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My penis song will be a parody of Ultimate Showdown.

Pick the Dick was hopping arround, penis city like a big playground when suddenly penis-man burst from the shade, and hit Pick the Dick with a penis-grenade. Pick the Dick got angry and began to attack, but didn't expect ot be blocked by e|m|c's shaft who procceeded to open up a can of dickfu, then Olipro's penis came out of the blue. And he started beating up e|m|c's wang, when they both got flattened by the dick of Spang, but before he could make it back to the op-cave, Linkolns penis popped out of the grave, and he pulled out a playboy which lengthened his stub, untill all over Spang he did cum, but he ran out of juice and he ran away, cuz spaz's cock came to save the day.

This is the ultimate dick-off, of ultimate dickery. Fat dicks long dicks and n-work cock, as far as the eye can see. And only one will survive, I wonder who it will be. This is the ultimate dick-off, of ultimate dickery.

<Insert part two here later>

Angels sang out, in immaculate chorus, as down from the heavens, decended Fuck Norris, who snapped an erection, which could shatter "bones", into the "head", of Humpy Hump Jones. Who shrivveled away, his erection dead, as penis-man covered, his throbbing head, but Fuck saw through, this clever false, and crushed penis-mans head, in between his balls...


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