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A photo of Dr. Clothberg taken by an UnNews photographer as he spoke to the press about his "cure." For the purposes of art the UnNews Art Department has added the quote "At last my life's work is complete!" to the bottom of the image to demonstrate what Dr. Clothberg may have been saying at the time of the photo.

BUILDING 4A, The Laboritory, This afternoon in a press release that he gave to the press, Dr. Clothberg of Building 4A announced that he had finnally come up with his long sout after "cure" for the human condition. While Dr. Clothberg would not state in his statement the exact length of time which he has spent researching and developing his "cure" it is belived to have taken him between five and six years. This "cure" is just the latest in Dr. Clothbergs famous "cures", including the "cure" for hair, feet, and pet dogs.

At this early date the actual method for curing the human condition has not been released by Dr. Clothberg to the general public, however a series of interested celebrities have already been "cured". The first to recive the expensive treatment was Micheal Caine, at 3 o'clock this afternoon after Dr. Clothbergs statements to the press. All reports are that Micheal Caine is recovering well.

Sadly however there are a number of protestors, possibly upwards of 37, who have steadily gathered outside of Dr. Clothberg's Laboritory in Building 4A. These protesters make outrageous claims such as the fact that what Dr. Clothberg has done is "inhuman", "monterous", and "not what Jesus would do". Dr. Clothberg has very kindly offered to "cure" all the protestors for virtually no charge, just as soon as he was finished "curing" all of his high paying famous cutomers.

In the weeks to come it is expected that Dr. Clothberg will release the method for his "cure" to the Doctor Community at large, so that humans all over the world can be "cured" of their condition.

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