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A photo of Harold M. Zombiebaron sitting in his favorite armchair.

The Adventures of Zombiebaron is a planned series of adventures novels written by Harold M. Zombiebaron and published by UnBooks. The first novel in the series, Zombiebaron's Adventure To Zoo was written and published in September 2010, becoming an instant classic. The second novel, a prequel to the first, entitled Zombiebaron's Adventure To Asia, is scheduled to be released in February 2011.

edit Factuality

The factuality of various elements of Zombiebaron's Adventure To Zoo have been questioned since the book's initial release. The author has always maintained the stand point that he never intended the book to be published in the first place, and that it was only ever supposed to be for personal use.

The Adventures of Zombiebaron
Zombiebaron's Adventure To The ZooZombiebaron's Adventure To Asia

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