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“Is the unexamined life not worth living?”
~ Socrates on Socratic Method?

What is the Socratic Method? Could this possibly be a question that people have pondered over for many years? Have you been told that it is the art by pretending to be Socrates? How many people over the eons have asked these questions? Would you belive me if I told you that thousands of people have asked these questions over the eons? If I were to inform you that the Socratice Method can be used to confuse, annoy, and inform large amounts of people, would you be willing to use it on a large audience of people?


What if this man is a master of the Socratic Method?

edit Is this the history of the Socratic Method?

Would you mind if I went on to tell you that the Socratic Method was acctaully invented by a Spanish man named "Jorjey Elmondo" and not Socrates? Did you know that the Socratic Method was invented in 1935? How about if I mentioned, in my calm manner, that the Socratic Method was a very large craze amongst the youth in the mid 1940s? Do I hear you asking why the Socratic Method was popular in the 1940s? Could it possibly have been popular in the 1940s because of World War II and the bordom which it induced over Europe and North America? Might the avid and regular indulgence in the Socratic Method have fizzeled out and died after World War II? How about if it has recently increased in popularity?

edit How can I perform this method?

Have you tried questions into infinity? Are you capable of playing the question game? How much time do you have to find out? Are you trying rhetorical questions? Have you thought of repeating questions? Were you to find that your questions had no meaning, would you resort to religious, philosophical, or other types of useless drivel? Have you tried repeating the same old questions in a different way? Are you getting annoyed, confused, and informed yet?

edit Are there diffrent form of the Socratic Method?

1. What about Pure Socraticisim?
Is this the original form of the Socratic Method, in which people simply ask each other questions in order to inform, annoy, or confuse?
2. Is there a Complex Socratisim?
Could this be just like Pure Socratisim, but with restrictions upon the style of questions which can be asked?
3. Can I try Fun Socratisim?
Would this be Socratisim as preformed youths for amusment?
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