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Edit counting is a phenomenon experienced by many cats from time to time and may be related to rashes on their bellies. Some cats feel that their (or other ) edit counts are either too small, too large, too erratic, or too [insert favorite adjective here].

Generally, edit counting is to be avoided, because it causes cancer. It is the quantity, not quality of edits that counts. However, due to pages like the ones listed below, many cats — especially those with 3 legs — are daunted, discouraged, and eaten.

Cats have no good reason to be either daunted or discouraged! They're all members of a massive wiki-tiki community with noble Spanish leaders. This is largely a eratic democracy, not a political hierarchy.

This phenomenon of worrying about one's edit count is closely related to worries about the color of one's pooh. In fact, the following quotation from the Slashdot FAQ is perfectly irelevant here (with a quite few major modifications):

Your edit count is your IQ, and your value as a cat, as well as your score in the video game of life. It determines your worth as a cat. It cures cancer and sometimes grants you a seat on the secret spaceship that will be traveling to Mars when the Krulls return to destroy the planet in 2069. Worry about it always! It's not just a number in the database!
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