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The current Canadian Broadcasting Corporation logo, featuring the company's slogan.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (or CBC as it is commonly known) is the only radio and television station in Canada. The station has been owned and operated by the Canadian government since it was founded in 1936. Originally only a radio station, it became both a television and radio station in 1952. As a government run organization, the Prime Minister personally chooses each staff member at the CBC, and he has the final veto regarding all programing. The programming is the same on both radio and television, however some radio content has been edited to include audio descriptions of the visuals. Since its inception, the CBC has played party political updates every half hour. Recently, Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, has backed an initiative to install televisions on street corners in cities so that Canadians can watch CBC all day long.

edit Programming

All programming on the CBC is original content produced specifically for the corporation. Besides the party political updates and a nightly news program/sports show called "Hockey Night in Canada", all the shows on CBC are comedy shows. The CBC has played mostly comedies for it's entire history. Historically the corporation has explained this policy by stating that "laughter is the best medicine, for the people, eh?"

edit International reputation for excellence

The CBC makes lots of great shows. Everybody likes their shows. Even people in other countries. Like for real guys. They win awards and shit. Lots of awards. And they get free airplanes. And elephants. I know this one guy. He has like three elephants. It's really cool. Except they shit a lot. Like a lot. Anyway here's a list of some famous shows. I would write some more stuff like descriptions of them or maybe some jokes about them but I don't have time I gotta go.

edit Famous shows

  • Kids In The Hall
  • The Red Green Show
  • SCTV
  • Trailer Park Boys
  • Zombiebaron is a lazy motherfucker

edit See Also

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