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For many years the computer arms race has escalated towards smaller and and shiner computers. On December 5th 2004 Bill Gates, Supreme Command of Microsoft, and Steve Jobs, a.k.a "El Chupacabra", both announced at the same time that the next versions of both of their operating systems would have a Three Dimensional Graphical User Interface. Other compnanies in the computer buissness cheered the desision, because it ment that they would be able to charge more money for polorized computer screens. Many other sectors of entertainment have jumped on the Three Dimensional bandwagon. TV shows like All in the Family led the pack of Three Dimensional shows, and the number of Three Dimensional shows is growing each day. The intenet is becoming Three Dimensional, and such sites and Uncyclopedia have programers working around the clock to bridge the digital devide between Three Dimensional and Two Dimensional web sites.

edit The Evolution of 3D computers


In the early days the monitor was hard to fit on a typical desk.

Before the technonlogy which was announced on December 4th, the only way that computers could display 3D was by having multiple screens, placed one in front of the other. The main screen would be in the middle, and as things became bigger or smaller they would transfer to a closer or farther away screen. This was very cumbersom, as the picture to the left dispalys, because it ment that the monitor was very long and hard to fit in the places where people normally place computers.

edit Three Dimensional Movies

As the new of the new three dimensional capabilites of computres was announced, Disney founder Walt Disney started work redoing Bambi. In the new version, said to hit shelves in 2010, Bambi's mother will die what seems like inches from the viewers face. The shock value alone should sell millions of copies of the movie. Other classic and well loved movies that have been annouced for this new format include Psycho, Keira Knightley In A White Corset And Kate Beckinsale In A Black One, and Judge Reinhold.

edit Three Dimensional porn


This Vista tester seems to be enjoying his 3D porn.

How often have you wished that all of the genetalia that you see on you're screen every day was in your face? The most highly anticipated feature of the new Three Dinmensional computers is the ability to make pornography "jump off the page" at the user.

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