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Kids fighting

"Stupid Feminist!"

The Pacifist Gang is one of the better knowen off-shoots of the Hells Angles. Pacifists, unlike their ghetto-tastic motorcycle riding brothers, Pacifists ride Dragons.

edit Transportation

Prefering the Great Wyrm Gold Dragon, for it's breath weapon, some ride Great Wyrm Black Dragons. Black Dragons are best suited for night raids, due to stealth.

edit Gang sign

The Pacifists have the most complex hand-sign of any San Fransisco gang. It involves creating a peace symbol using all 11 fingures. And yes, only men have 11 fingures, so women can't be Pacifists.

edit Drugs

Where as the Angles deal in hard drugs, the Pacificts sit around most of the time on comunal living colonies in the middle of fields. They play guitars and feed their dragons. At one point a Hippie (rival gang member) stumbled into one of these colonies. The Hippie had a guitar, some pot, and a whole lot of LSD. LSD was the one that stuck, and to this day the best LSD is Pacifist LSD.

edit Gang Wars

To date the Pacifists have won gang wars against:

They are currently fighting Jay-Z

edit Tatoo

Because the Pacifist head leader is to spaced out on LSD to ever create a tatoo, the members of The Pacifist Gang recocnize each other by the destinctive dragon scratches on their faces, and lower legs.

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