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edit Featured Articles - because my ego told me to list them

edit UnBooks:Zombiebaron's Adventure To Asia

edit UnPoetia:T.S. Elliot Is Dead

edit UnBooks:Zombiebaron's Adventure To The Zoo

edit UnBooks:The True Story of: Jimmy and the aliens; based on a true story

edit UnNews:Doctors find cure for weight loss

edit UnBooks:The Secret Origins of Cream; Supergroup

edit Socratic Method

edit UnBooks:The Anarchist Cookbook

edit Articles I wrote/am writing

edit Articles

NRA A copy of the original has been saved here.
Pacifist Has been merged with Pacifists by Alksub. A copy of my original has been saved here.
Lord Voldemort (Touched up for the Pooh Lit Suprise here)
Player (created here)
Unpocalypse (created here)
Google Mini (created here)
Xman (created here)
Church of Scatology (created here) (Pee Reviewed by Black Flamingo here) (Rewritting here)
iClothes (created here)
Socratic Method (created here)
Three Dimensional Computers (created here)
The Best Illustrated Article Ever (created for the PLS here)
User:Zombiebaron/Aristocrats (one of the three winners at the first Aristocrats Turkey Day Ball)
Girls Gone Wilde (2nd Runner up Rewrite in the 5th PLS)
EPIC POETRY! (5th Runner up Best Article in the 6th PLS)
Sausage party (2nd Runner up Best Illustrated in the 6th PLS)
Rolling Stone (writing here)
User:Zombiebaron/Aristocrats Gone Wild (created for the 2010 Aristocrat's Ball)
Marmaduke (writing here)
The Adventures of Zombiebaron (writing here)
Canadian bacon (writing here)
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (writing here)
Juke Box Hero (writing here)
The effects of Uncyclopedia on modern culture (writing here)
User:Zombiebaron/Family Aristocrat Circus (created for the 2011 Aristocrat's Ball)
Pi (written here for the 2012 Article Whisperer)

edit How To

HowTo:Become Famous on the Internet (created here)
HowTo:Read Braille; A Guide For The Blind (created here)
HowTo:Have safe sex with dogs (created here for the 2011 Happy Monkey Competition)

edit UnNews

UnNews:Google's new idea (reported here first)
UnNews:Doctor finds cure for "Human Condition" (reported here first)
UnNews:Tourism slump in The Bay area is due to mothers, says study (reported here first)
UnNews:Doctors find cure for weight loss (reported here first)
UnNews:Jon Stewart to play John Stewart in upcoming Green Lantern movie (reported here first)

edit UnBooks

UnBooks:The Anarchist Cookbook (penned here)
UnBooks:The Art of Making Acceptable Urinal Conversation (penned here)
UnBooks:The Secret Origins of Cream; Supergroup (penned here)
UnBooks:Some Secret Origins of Cream;Supergroup (penned here)
UnBooks:A series of short stories pertaining to metaphors as to the nature of IRC, admins, and idiots (penned here) - written with Conniving
UnBooks:The Mormon Kama Sutra (penned here)
UnBooks:The Judge Sentenced Me To Write This Fucking Book (1st runner up Alt. Namespace in the 5th PLS)
UnBooks:The True Story of: Jimmy and the aliens; based on a true story (1st runner up Illustrated Article in the 5th PLS)
UnBooks:The Thrilling Adventure of Dr. Pestilence P.I.; or Eggnog: First Contact (penned here)
UnBooks:The Children's Guide to Your First School Shooting (Best Bad Taste Article - The Aristocrat's Ball 2010 with Sockpuppet of an unregistered user)
UnBooks:Naked Brunch (penned here)
UnBooks:Zombiebaron; The Man, The Myth, The Monster (An Unauthorized Biography) (penned here)

edit The Adventures of Zombiebaron

UnBooks:Zombiebaron's Adventure To The Zoo (penned here)
UnBooks:Zombiebaron's Adventure To Asia (penned here) - Best Illustrated Article at the January 2011 Poo Lit Surprise
UnBooks:Zombiebaron's Adventure Home From Asia (penned here)

edit UnScripts

UnScripts:Enter The Wagon (penned here)
UnScripts:The Laurel And Hardy Boys in Who Is The Person That Done It (penned here)

edit UnPoetia

UnPoetia:The Zombiebaron Rule Saga (written here)
UnPoetia:I Don't Like People Who Aren't Like Me (written here)
UnPoetia:T.S. Elliot Is Dead (3rd Runner up Best Alt. Namespace in the 6th PLS)

edit Templates

Template:ZombiebaronAdventure (created here)

edit Reskins

Babel:666 (created here)
Babel:CaD (created here)
Babel:Vogon (in concert with Mordillo and Modusoperandi)
Babel:2010 (created here) (in concert with Bradaphraser)
Babel:Pumpkin (created here) (in concert with Ljlego)
Zombiebaron Day
Babel:VanHalen (created here)
I Can Has Uncyclopedia
Defacebook (in concert with Lyrithya)

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