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Aristocrats Gone Wild is a world famous series of pornographic films. The company that produced the videos, Family Learning Inc., is owned and operated by the Bakerson family in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The videos depict famous women getting drunk and naked and then fucking the entire Bakerson family. The videos often include the family dog, Buffy. Due to the inclusion of the Bakerson's five children in the videos they are now illegal to own or distribute, and can only be found on the black market and bittorrent. All we can legally show you are these photos stolen from their website:


Mrs. Mona Lisa, posing for a photo at a house party. She was very wasted. After this photo was taken Mr. Bakerson and his two sons fucked her in all three of her holes while Buffy the dog fucked Mrs. Bakerson and the three Bakerson daughters all took turns fucking each other with a strap-on.


This is a photo of Mnesarete Phryne, Greek super-model, at a frat party. This photo was taken moments before the infamous "Greek Gang-Bang" scene, in which all 30 frat brothers got naked and formed a writhing erotic pile on top of Mnesarete. The Bakersons soon joined the pile, and they all lay there fucking in a massive pile for three hours. They scene ended when they discovered that Mnesarete had been crushed to death.


This is a photo of an unknown girl that the Bakersons found in Vietnam while they were shooting their film "Aristocrats Gone Wild: Good Morning Vietnam". Mr. Bakerson tied her up inside the production van and beat her to death while his family watched and jacked each other off.

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