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edit UnNews whoring

Zim patriot

The UnNews Whore. Tell me you wouldn't mount him.

That bastard child of Uncyclopedia and WikiNews, UnNews, is in full-on whoring mode. Tired of being relegated to the bilge hold of Uncyc, staff have collectively and to a man, woman or it, decided to resort to the time-honored tradition of whoring themselves for attention.

2010 is shaping up to be a record year for lots of stuff, which I am too lazy to actually reference. We've had lots of cool coding happenings, resulting in a facelift to the Main Page, and a really cool navigation bar giving access to a plethora [1] of sections including Sports, Comics, Editorials, and special coverage of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Contributors to UnNews of note are Funnybony, SPIKE, Romartus, Modusoperandi, Mordillo, Multiliteralist, PuppyOnTheRadio, Happytimes, Matt lobster and MrN9000. Apologies to anybody I've missed.

The Newsroom, home to nefarious plots and odd ideas, has once again become an active core of resistance against Uncyc's unofficial policy of ignoring us.

Always leading edge, UnNews is acquiring a stable of notable personalities for a new series of Uncolumns called "Reductio ad Hitlerum". You'll find it in the Guest editorials by notable figures, such as Sarah Palin, Jesuszilla, etc.. UnNews Column Reductio ad Hitlerum by guest columnist SARAH PALIN -

  1. Well, 7 sections in fact.
  1. New column called Reductio ad Hitlerum, a guest column that invites persons of note to do an article for us, usually under threat of blackmail. Discussion here, first RaH column here by guest Sarah Palin.
  2. I don't get much feedback about UnToons and UnHoroscopes; maybe a plug in case they're getting overlooked?
  3. New "Letters to the Editor" here.
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