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Jesus on raptor
Welcome to UnNews Religion Section.

Spirituality in the news.

UnNews takes a dim view of religion, especially those which practice old time rituals like "Hyenamancy". That being said, spirituality is an bottomless well of humor. George W. Bush, the Pope and Westboro Baptist Church get their fair share of ribbing here. Not to be too discriminating, we extend our wit to all faiths and cults, whackos and nutjobs, the saintly and the blasphemous. Your cross to bear, dear reader, is the occasional fact sprinkled among this journalistic gem store, and for this, we apologize.


Religion in UnNews

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants angry about misrepresentation in movie

DENIM VALLEY, Oklahoma - The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants filed a lawsuit today over their portrayal in the latest Hollywood movie, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2: Depantsed. The convent maintains that the movie was insulting to their religion, and that the pants in the movie "did not show the true wisdom that Saint Pantfred possessed". Said Sister Jean, "The movie showed us as a bunch of free-spirited teenagers who like wearing jeans, when in reality, we are a divine group who studies the learnings and teachings of Saint Pantfred.' more...


Religion News Quote of the Moment

Just to be safe, I hate all cartoons.

~ Imam Mohammed Ali on cartoons

Selected UnNews Religion Image

Acp israel w600

Land is terribly important to the religious.

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Religion in UnNews

Poor planning ruins Rapture
Rainn Wilson50b

EARTH, Sol System -- The Rapture, long awaited by people who don't want to hang around to see how it all turns out, finally occurred this morning, catching even the most militant biblical literalists by surprise. At approximately two o'clock (GMT), various body parts of pious citizens across the globe simply disappeared. more...


Religion in UnNews

Cardinals beat Tigers in 5 games to win World Series

VATICAN CITY, Roma (Reuters) -- The Vatican City Cardinals led by the strong pitching of Pope Benedict XVI have defeated the Tamil Tigers in only 5 games. Benedict, who only gave up two runs in seven innings in Game 5 was relieved by closer Bernard Law. Tigers pitcher Velupillai Prabhakaran gave up four runs and was tagged with the loss. more...

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