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{{title|UnNews Religion Section}}
{{title|UnNews Religion Section}}
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Jesus on raptor
Welcome to UnNews Religion Section.

Spirituality in the news.

UnNews takes a dim view of religion, especially those which practice old time rituals like "Hyenamancy". That being said, spirituality is an bottomless well of humor. George W. Bush, the Pope and Westboro Baptist Church get their fair share of ribbing here. Not to be too discriminating, we extend our wit to all faiths and cults, whackos and nutjobs, the saintly and the blasphemous. Your cross to bear, dear reader, is the occasional fact sprinkled among this journalistic gem store, and for this, we apologize.


Religion in UnNews

Miami Vice inspired ‘Mecca Vice’ steals Saudi TV top spot

SAUDI ARABIA -- "Mutaween", more popularly known as "Mecca Vice", an Arabic show based loosely on the infidel 1980s TV series, "Miami Vice", has taken the desert kingdom by storm, becoming the most popular Saudi TV show in history. more...


Religion News Quote of the Moment

If Jesus really wanted to, he could shoot lightning out of his hands AND drop a roof AND throw Palpatine down a gravity well...

~ Rev. Joel Osteen on Jesus versus Palpatine

Selected UnNews Religion Image

Schism goat

Whatever this is, it must have to do with religion.

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Religion in UnNews

United Nations' threat: No more parental rights
Chucknorris punchmexicanbaby

PURCELLVILLE, Virginia -- America, wake up! This New World Order we are saddled with threatens to rip the heart out of our great country by messing with our children. The U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child, or CRC, will make any decisions and actions of parents reviewable by the U.N. "to determine whether it is in the child's best interest." This is according to Michael Farris of Purcellville, Va.,president of, chairman of the Home School Legal Defense Association and chancellor of Patrick Henry College. more...


Religion in UnNews

Reporter permitted one corny story

THE HAGUE -- UnNews was stumped, along with Scientists, to learn of the following incident. ‘New Faith Magazine’ recently reported that a Group of Scientists, headed by Prof. Stephen Hawking, CH, CBE, FRS, FRSA, ETC., decided that, having achieved their aim of Creating Life in a test tube, therefore the idea of a Supreme Deity was no longer necessary. And one of the ranking members was appointed to inform God of His dismissal. more...

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