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{{title|UnNews Religion Section}}
{{title|UnNews Religion Section}}
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Jesus on raptor
Welcome to UnNews Religion Section.

Spirituality in the news.

UnNews takes a dim view of religion, especially those which practice old time rituals like "Hyenamancy". That being said, spirituality is an bottomless well of humor. George W. Bush, the Pope and Westboro Baptist Church get their fair share of ribbing here. Not to be too discriminating, we extend our wit to all faiths and cults, whackos and nutjobs, the saintly and the blasphemous. Your cross to bear, dear reader, is the occasional fact sprinkled among this journalistic gem store, and for this, we apologize.


Religion in UnNews

Miami Vice inspired ‘Mecca Vice’ steals Saudi TV top spot

SAUDI ARABIA -- "Mutaween", more popularly known as "Mecca Vice", an Arabic show based loosely on the infidel 1980s TV series, "Miami Vice", has taken the desert kingdom by storm, becoming the most popular Saudi TV show in history. more...


Religion News Quote of the Moment

What's with the milk and the elephant statues?

~ Ganesh on Hindu religious practice

Selected UnNews Religion Image


The message is clear, the meaning, obtuse.

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Religion in UnNews

Iraq celebrates Saddam Hussein verdict with sectarian violence

BAGHDAD -- Former dictator Saddam Hussein's death sentence caused thousands of Iraqis to take to the streets Sunday in displays of joy, ecstasy and religious hatred.

Spontaneous celebrations and car bombings took place from Mosul to Baghdad, as the war-torn country temporarily drowned its fears and anxieties about the future in singing, dancing and frenzied killing. more...


Religion in UnNews

Haggard feels "fabulous!"
Ted Haggard (ROAE)

DOLLYWOOD, USA - Pastor Ted Haggard, recently outed by a drug-pushing "massage"-giving male prostitute as a male prostitute renting "happy ender" meth addict, is finding his new life to be easier than he thought it would be, back when he hated fags. more...

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