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Jesus on raptor
Welcome to UnNews Religion Section.

Spirituality in the news.

UnNews takes a dim view of religion, especially those which practice old time rituals like "Hyenamancy". That being said, spirituality is an bottomless well of humor. George W. Bush, the Pope and Westboro Baptist Church get their fair share of ribbing here. Not to be too discriminating, we extend our wit to all faiths and cults, whackos and nutjobs, the saintly and the blasphemous. Your cross to bear, dear reader, is the occasional fact sprinkled among this journalistic gem store, and for this, we apologize.


Religion in UnNews

Mosque comments taken out of context
Death to everybody

BIRMINGHAM CITY, UK -- West Midlands Police have arrested Channel 4 producers for broadcasting a documentary featuring undercover footage shot inside mosques around the United Kingdom. The producers are being charged for crimes against freedom, alledging that the footage aired showed comments that were taken out of context.

Superintendent Johnson highlighted the fact that comments such as "Cut the throats of the infidels" and "Remove their unborn seed" and "Death to all who reject Islam" should be taken in the correct context, and that Islam is a peaceful religion. Imman Mohammed of the Birmingham City Mosque backed called for an end to this defamatory portrayal of Muslims as terrorists, by calling for "the slaughter of the infidels responsible for this unjust portrayal". more...


Religion News Quote of the Moment

...those nasty whores with their whore legs, whore skin and whore bulges. Whores!

~ Rabbi Yosef Elyashiv on women

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Godzilla, at the rehearsal of his upcoming ordination as a Jesuit priest.

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Religion in UnNews

Bush expected as Redeemer in the Holy Land

JERUSALEM, Holy Land –- The holy ground of the Holy Land will be trodden upon by the Holy Feet of the Holy American President George W. Bush real soon now. After some seven years in office, Bush thought it about time for a first courtesy call to Israel and Palestine.more...


Religion in UnNews

Ireland bans clerical child sex abuse
Nude brian cowen underpants

DUBLIN, Republic of Ireland -- In what has been hailed as the most significant and liberal piece of legislature ever passed on the island of Ireland, the Irish Government has banned the sexual abuse of children by the Catholic Church. The bill was passed in the Dáil today. Sex abuse in itself had been banned in Ireland since the beginning of the State, but the Catholic Church had a "special position" within the Constitution, allowing it to overstep the law of the land as it saw fit. more...

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