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Jesus on raptor
Welcome to UnNews Religion Section.

Spirituality in the news.

UnNews takes a dim view of religion, especially those which practice old time rituals like "Hyenamancy". That being said, spirituality is an bottomless well of humor. George W. Bush, the Pope and Westboro Baptist Church get their fair share of ribbing here. Not to be too discriminating, we extend our wit to all faiths and cults, whackos and nutjobs, the saintly and the blasphemous. Your cross to bear, dear reader, is the occasional fact sprinkled among this journalistic gem store, and for this, we apologize.


Religion in UnNews

Vatican decries "Miracle Bra"

VATICAN FLOTILLA, Dalmation Coast -- During his regular 'fireside chat' on Sunday night Pope Benedict XVI condemned the Victoria's Secret Miracle Bra as unmiraculous. more...


Religion News Quote of the Moment

If Jesus really wanted to, he could shoot lightning out of his hands AND drop a roof AND throw Palpatine down a gravity well...

~ Rev. Joel Osteen on Jesus versus Palpatine

Selected UnNews Religion Image


Pope Phaseolus XIX upon hearing that Jamie Lynn Spears is pregnant. "Birth control is evil, of course."

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Religion in UnNews

Indian cult comes under fire from government
Eggplant 0211

NEW DELHI, India-- The Indian government is so mad it's seeing purple. Baingan Bharta, a popular cult leader, has faced ruthless questioning from officials all the way up to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh about the ethics of the Religious Order of the Eggplant, a religion Bharta began about two years ago. more...


Religion in UnNews

Prophet strikes, Heaven grinds to halt

JEWISH QUARTER, Heaven -- Life in the afterlife stalled today as the LORD's only Son started a wildcat strike. Since He rose in the East this eternal morning, the LORD's prophet has been marching back and forth in front of His Father's throne, brandishing a 'Make Peace, Not Work' sign and chanting "Hey hey, ho ho! Being helpful in the afterlife has got to go!", while handing out pamphlets to passersby. more...

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