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ATBF uNcOLUMN - You must have us confused with dog shit
Last resort 56

UNNEWS NEWSROOM, the Internet -- Walking down the hall last week, armed with a fresh cup of coffee, 4 grams of bud and a steaming plate of pasta in tomato-Alfredo sauce, I overheard one of my fellow editors make a comparison of UnNews to some obscure publication called "An Onion". This comment was the mustard seed that grew into the apocryphal retard bush, in the desert of Sinai, with Moses and all that.

I then promptly forgot about the whole thing. I took my lunch on the UnNews veranda and smoking section in the sub-basement. The pasta was properly cooked, the sauce magnificent, and the chef noted for a compliment later. Then back to my desk to hammer out some editing tasks. Within minutes I became acutely aware of a need for medicinal marijuana, and so, sparked one up. more...

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