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  • Keep it, of course -- There is no valid argument to dump it. It does no harm, and is plenty significant to a number of active users. Merging this and melding that for the good of Uncyclopedia is a parlor trick. It strikes me as a disingenuous attempt to jockey for some imaginary position in the Cabal. Perhaps it's just wanking by some irritable type. It may be a misguided excercise in Machiavellianism. Maybe just a way to throw shit on UnNews, to irritate me. I don't know, and it doesn't matter, because it's bullshit.
Voting minimums... blech! I personally don't give a shit about my awards or rank, or having written something so magnificent that it's existence it trumpeted throughout the Heavenly realm. I do like giving recognition to users put effort, sometimes considerable, and awards is how we do it. Wouldn't you be pleased to get a nod if you recorded 20-odd good quality audios in a month?
On a side track, it's nice that somebody pointed me to this discussion. It would have been nicer if the originator let me know what was on his mind personally at the same time. Even nicer, if he had said something to me out of respect for my level of contribution to UnNews and position as a fellow admin. I don't expect such niceties from everybody, and that's fine, but let's nip this politicking in the bud, shall we? And lets get on with doing what we are each, in our way, good at and happy to do.
I have chosen to air this all out in a very public forum so we can all see who's talking about what, when, and where. This way, we can avoid a lot of pissing and moaning, accusations, gossip and other unpleasantries.
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