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May 27, 2013

@Flamingdeath: May I ask what you meant by your comment?

Or were you just spouting nonsense like I did in this comic? Or am I missing your point entirely? Or am I beginning to obsess over this? Or am I simply accumulating characters in a comment in order to get promoted to the level of Bwana?

There's lots of stuff that could be happening, especially if you're a paranoid (not really, but for purposes of this comment, let's just say I am paranoid and delusional. In fact, I'm hard pressed at the moment to prove otherwise. Anyway...) like me.

Even as I type, black United Nations helicopters circle my home, innocent looking elderly people walk their dogs, all the while maintaining surveillance on me... it's enough to make me hungry. Meatloaf sandwich? Well, either way, that's what I had, With American cheese and ketchup on light multigrain bread.

So, the next time you submit a comment to something I've done, remember what kind of a crazy I am, and the sort of reply you might get....

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