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Pat Robertson as God

"I used to have a pimple right here!"

The BAT FUCK RIGHTEOUS are people who think that they are chosen by God or Providence, or that God talks to them, and other nonsense along those lines. Their only predator and natural enemy are skeptics. An ecology containing a power vacuum is ideal for this creature to thrive. In ancient times, the bat fuck righteous were respected for their antics to the degree that their culture supported magical thinking. Today most are born in captivity, although the occasional feral bat fuck righteous man or woman still pops up.

edit Varieties of Bat Fuck Righteousness and Hawking Radiation

The Nazitubbies

Nazitubbies are Bat Fuck Righteous.

Magical thinking, or "Faith" in the parlance of the bat fuck righteous, has spawned various and sultry versions of itself.

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