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If you want to help us here, then add your name to the List!. Do your duty as a Singaporean. Go, you!

the UnProject anyone can visit.
Templates to use
We have 1 Users and 19 Articles.

Did you know...

  • ...that Lee Hsien Loong has married two wives, Ho Ching and Wong Ming Yang?
  • ...that Singapore was one of the five original members of ASEAN?
  • ...that Singapore was once called "Syonanto"?

Things to do

  • Create an article on The Esplanade.
  • Add the Singapore Category to Singapore articles with the Category missing.
  • Help to make nice templates for this project/other Singapore users
  • Spread the word! Tell all your friends about Uncyclopedia!
  • Help with the UnProject; a man is nothing on his own.
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