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edit What We Wish to Do

We wish to bring humor to you, the denizens of earth. We also wish to enslave your puny minds entice you with wit and laughter. Furthermore we wish to help erradicate those who lack the mental capacity to appreciate true humor.

edit Who We Are

We are Zero Embi. Didn't you just read that?

edit What does "Embi" Stand For

Embi could stand for hundreds of things like:

  • Evil Might Be Interesting
  • Err... My Butt Itches
  • Error, Main Branch Incomplete
  • Elk Meat Beats It!
  • Elite Master Battle Idol
  • Enter My Base Infadel

edit Why Do You Refer to Yourself as "We"?

We refer to ourselves as "We" because we have a slight mental disorder and we do not care if you cannot understand this. This is because a small child could understand this and if you cannot then you fail at life.

edit Things we hate

edit Our Contibutions

edit Winners of our Award

User:LotofLOLS - He started the Winkler debate and took it to IRC.

edit Our Accomplishments

  • We created ##Uncyc-Blackjack on IRC an added a blackjack bot so that you have something to do while you wait for your hooker.
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