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Africasad This user is a Whiteboy from Africa It happens. Really.

edit A few feeble attempts at humour

edit Articles

2. HowTo:Buy_Life_Insurance

1. Homo sapiens - the article which cost me my Uncyclopedian virginity, and is suitably crap

edit In progress

User:Zeeboy/How to:Create an internet dating profile User:Zeeboy/Conservapedia An article that will be about truth in Conservapedia

edit Breaking news

A selection of vaguely entertaining recent contributions:

7. UnNews:Humans “to blame” for climate change

6. UnNews:Kitten huffing receives Olympic status (because I heard about a cool online game)

5. UnNews:An all new, prettier, better blue screen of death

4. UnNews:Queen miffed, resigns

3. UnNews:Tired of thin ice, Bush wants black ice

2. UnNews:Castro letter 'sign of recovery'

1. UnNews:Momofuku Ando dies; Microsoft Windows Vista delayed (The first, so not the best)

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