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Mind of Mencia
Cover for the season 1 boxset
Format Sketch comedy
Created by Carlos Mencia
Starring Carlos Mencia (Host)
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 30
Running time approx. 22 minutes
Original channel Comedy Central
Original run July 6, 2005 – present
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Mind of Mencia is an American television comedy show on the cable channel Comedy Central. It is hosted by the comedian Carlos Mencia.

The first season ran from July 6, 2005 to September 28, 2005. The show is among Comedy Central's lineup. The first season of Mind of Mencia was released on DVD on March 21, 2006 to coincide with the premiere of the second season on March 22, 2006. The format is similar to Chappelle's Show, but it has few live sketches and some extended stand-ups. In a recent Wall Street Journal article, Mencia says he initially resisted requests by his network to take a deal to do a stand-up comedy album on the Comedy Central label, but will now likely appear on one.

"It was stupid of me not to take it, but I knew I could do a little better releasing it myself or with a company that would give me a bigger piece of the pie," he said. He also said he is starting a concert tour backed by the TV network.

The third season of Mind of Mencia began airing on April 1, 2007 at 10:00 pm.

Mind of Mencia second season became Comedy Central's second highest rated program [1] after South Park.

edit Trivia

  • Carlos' brother Joseph Mencia (who is not a professional actor) appears in many episodes.
  • In the first season, Joseph appeared in all episodes except for four: episode numbers 101, and 105-107. Also, Joseph has appeared in the first four episodes of season two.
  • Carlos' wife Amy has also appeared in several episodes. One sketch where Carlos is denigrating white women ends with Amy, who herself is white, dragging him off-camera.
  • Steve "Daddy" Trevino, a past writer for Mind of Mencia, does several "dirty works" tasks in several skits featured in season one. For example, he was the regular "gas attendant" and did the naked yoga.
  • Near the end of the opening credits in season one, Carlos is reading a newspaper that reads "TV Host Breaks Out", In season two, the newspaper that he reads says "Season 2.", In season three the newspaper reads "Season 3 (He's Legal)."
  • Some episodes feature a dwarf named Brad Williams. Brad is also Mencia's opening act when he performs.
  • Some episodes also feature Bobby Lee.
  • Last Comic Standing winner Josh Blue got his start on the show as a trophy boy for the "Dee Dee Dee Awards".
  • Some episodes guest star sports stars/athletes and musical guests. Examples are skating legend Tony Hawk (doing a parody skit of himself), hip-hop icon Method Man (assisting Mencia in explaining the N-word), and WWE Superstar Edge (as color commentator for the Religious Royal Rumble).
  • The show also features other media celebrities such as Pablo Francisco, Gene Simmons, Dave Attell, Robin Williams, Jamie Kennedy and the late Peter Boyle.
  • The ghost of Johnnie Cochran makes a few guest appearances on Mind of Mencia in the sketch Judge Carlos in both seasons 1 and 2.
  • 'Judge Carlos', 'Carlosauros Rex', 'Out The Beaner' and 'Why The F@#% Is This News?' were the only sketches that were ever done more than once on the show.
  • Mencia uses his childhood name, Ned Holness, during the skit "That's F#*king Historical."

edit List of sketches on Mind of Mencia

Some of the sketches are

  • Advice to baby Suri Cruise & Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt from Uncle Carlos
  • Judge Carlos
  • Mind of Mencia's Royal Religious Rumble
  • Stereotype Olympics
  • Carlosaurus Rex
  • You Can Say Anything
  • Fairy Tales with Funtime Carlos
  • Curse of the Butt Pirates
  • Wetback Mountain
  • What Women Want
  • Age Police
  • Carlos Says: Whup Your Kids!
  • Rest in Pieces!
  • Mind of Mencia's Badass Back To School Supplies
  • World Nightly News
  • The difference between "Nigger" and "Nigga" (Method Man guest starred in this sketch)
  • The "Dee Dee Dee" Song
  • The Dee Dee Dee Awards
  • Love Songs with Carlos Smoov
  • Confucious Carlos
  • Spring Break Orientation
  • That's America Bitch!
  • Casa De Churro
  • What Does This Sign Mean?
  • The Newly-Met Game
  • Basketcase Bootcamp
  • That's F#*king Historical
  • Social Experiment
  • Carlos Mencia's Office Supplies You really Need
  • Carlos Mencia's Summer Movie Reviews
  • The Rich Sheik Music Video
  • Dateline Punk'd
  • Mission: Impossible Threesome
  • Verizoon of Iraq
  • Why The F@#% Is This News?
  • Handi-Butch
  • Heaven 11
  • Carlos Mencia's Drive-By Shooting School
  • America Without Immigrants
  • Chilis In Iraq
  • The Serranos
  • Sean Juan Collection
  • Brass Balls
  • You Know I'm Right: Women Have It Easier Than Men
  • Ask Whitey
  • Out the Beaner
  • What do women really want in a man?
  • Celebrity Ticker
  • Mencia's Reel Reviews (Pablo Francisco guest starred as the movie preview voice-over dude)
  • Kanye West is a crazy Ni**a
  • Desperate Gardeners
  • Dinner for Seventy-five (and over)
  • Coach Carlos
  • Mind of A Dee Dee Dee
  • "While I Was Gone, These Dee Dee Dee's Carried On..."
  • "What Pisses Off Peter Boyle"
  • Joseph Mencia's 7 Days To Wetback English
  • Snickers
  • Watching Whitey

There are many more sketches than these on the show that are not yet named.

edit DVD releases

Season Releases

DVD NameCover ArtRelease Date Ep # Additional Information
Season 1 Uncensored150pxMarch 21 200612 This two disc box set includes all thirteen episodes from Season 1. Bonus features include commentary, behind the scenes featurette, and deleted scenes.
Season 2 Uncensored100pxApril 3 200714 This two disc box set includes all sixteen episodes from Season 2.

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