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Cquote1 the Complete Idiot's Guide to ZOMG ROFLCOPTER BBQ LOLERSKATES!!!!!11 Cquote2

ZOMG is emphasized usage of the internet-speak word OMG, meaning "Oh My God!"

ROFLCOPTER is derived from the computer gamer word "ROFL" which is an acronym for "Rolling On (the) Floor Laughing", and adding the COPTER part is mostly meaningless unless you complete the spoof by saying "Mai ROFLCOPTER goes soi soi soi soi!!!" [1]

BBQ is an abreviation for barbecue.

LOL stands for "Laughing Out Loud", but LOLERSKATES is more than just "LOL" with an ending. It comes from the ROFLCOPTER game in which you 'drop bombs' (BBQ) on "LOL skaters." In gameplay, your ROFLCOPTER is fully maneuverable, and you must also BBQ enemy LMAO fighter planes while dodging return fire! ZOMG!!!

!!!!!11 means you should hold down the shift button longer, idiot.

edit References

  1. "Soi" was made popular in the youtube series Arby N the Chief.

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