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Z. a. Kolus!
  • Born: Sometime before the intarwebz!!
  • Listens to music with a dire passion
  • Speaks english properly, and demands that you do so as well!
  • Hates n00bz with all his Heart
  • Loves the admins alot!
  • Hacked you OVER 9000 times.
  • Slayed the dragon, and got the guy and girl (Yay threesome!)
  • Rolled his own rick, and Bel Air'd it.
  • Wants Open Source everything!
  • Believes that the Revolution is nigh, and always has his zombie slaying gear ready!
  • Cried when Aeris Died, but, not when Roman Died.
  • Pwn'd you when you weren't looking...
  • ...Then Tea-Bag'd your corpse.
  • Insert Funny Quote Here!
  • Add Funny Comment About Funny Quote Above.
  • Ramble on
  • and on
  • and on
  • About stuff noone cares about.
  • Has magical Jazz Hands!
Howdy there, You reached my page.. As you can see, I am a little weird, but, do not let that fool you, I am actually smart! I game alot, mostly Grand Theft Auto Four, and Counter-Strike Source.. I tend to Express myself at alot of people. I support Love of All Things. If you want my My UserBoxes or my Gamun' Infawz then help yourself, otherwise Good Bye!!

M moooooo moooo mo mo moooo moooo mooo mooo moo mooo mooooo moooo

Cow Moo Cult

This user possess the newbie rank of Mud Grunt, is a Cult Peasant and have Cow Moo power over all non-cult members.

Go to UN:AAN for adoption <--Lies!

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