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An Invincible-Productions© Affiliate

Here at ZTVstudios©, We pride ourselves on quality entertainment. We have been broadcasting slander since 1992, in an attempt to loosen the world's ass hole. Here at ZTVstudios©, we have adopted the Unfairness Doctrine, which means, like Fox News, we only cover one side of the issue, the funny side. However, We are not politically bias, but we do tend to hate conservatives more than we hate liberals though, who we still hate. If you have any complains, comments, or anything you would like to tell us, you can call us at 1-800-UP-SKIRT. We are always happy to take your calls, or clothes off, unless you are ether: A, trying to alter an article or B, Rush Limbaugh. If you have a problem with one of out articles, please contact us before taking action, as we will do our best to correct any problems or stupidity that we may have accidentally caused. ZTVstudios is based in Suburbia and is proud of it. We are an affiliate of Invincible-Productions©, a company dedicated to producing invincible articles and comedy. Below is a complete directory of our projects, so you don't have to look for them yourself.

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