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Welcome to Conway's Game of Life - Uncyclopedia Version -
This is a 3x3 implementation of Conway's Game of Life.

edit Instructions

- Click on any "CHANGE" link to change the state of a cell.
- Click on "NEXT GENERATION" to evolve the pattern.
- Click on "RESET BOARD" to Reset the Board.
- Click on "RETURN TO MAIN MENU" to return here.

Warning: Please wait until the page fully loads before start playing.


edit F.A.Q.

Q:Conway's Game of Life with a tiny 3x3 grid?

Q:What can you accomplish with something like that?

Q:It's at least fun?

Q:So, What is its meaning?
A:How should I know? Maybe you can find another Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything. Or maybe you can find a hidden message from another civilization.

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