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Loves Leo Fender & Samus Aran
Alignment Gay (happy)
Age 5
Sex Yes please!!
Class Gamer/Musician
Deity God
Race Human

edit About Zach K.B.

ZKB is a member of an int3rn3tz f0rum cult called SSLF, The Saber-Scorpion's Lair Forums. *cough*CULT*cough* This writer asks, "WHY TAKE SUCH AN INNOCENT BOY!? AND NOT ME!?" *Ahem* Anyways, Besieds being an international con-man by spreading lies about himself and everyone else he decided to take things down a notch. And residing in Ohio, a couple of states Northwest of Virginia, where the cult originated. He's covertly associated with someone and won't tell me who it is.

“I can't tell you who it is. It's confedential. I mean Mikey Ramone gave me strict rules on who to tell and not to tell. Is that Mikey? OH SHI--!!”
~ God on ZKB's Association with Mikey Ramone

But then again God is mightier than Mike and well Mike got pwned. But he's still alive see?

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