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Thsi page has been created by Yuri von Juan for the sole purpose of him bitching about his desires to be an admin.

edit I want to be an admin

Simple, isn't it? But it has so many connotations and requirements that it seems impossible. For one thing I have to find a bureaucrat who isn't snorting lines of coke at the moment that I am noticed by him/her. Now that's a real challenge. Then I have to not appear like a jackass, and considering the limited veiw of admins and bureaucrats on Uncyclopedia, they seem to have everyone divided into two groups. Us or Jackass. This adds more challenge to this already grueling attempt.

Secondly, because this is a fascist oligarchy I have to have the approval of some of the admins, or something. This means that I have to find some admins who have spent at least thirty seconds off the kittens who think I'd make a good job of it.

Even then I'll probably fail.

More bitching to come soon.

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