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Asimakis Chaniotis

--Yomamen (talk) 19:38, June 7, 2013 (UTC)asimakis== '''Asimakis Chaniotis''' ==

edit The best upcoming chef

Asimakis "Silver Crossbow" Chaniotis, (born 17 January 1990) is a Greek (world famous) chef, restaurant and social media personality, known for his food dishes, photos and more recently his new carrer in London,UK. He is a bright, talented and self-motivated Chef with a successful track record of food preparation impressing customers with delicious meals and creative decorative food displays, planning menus cooking, garnishing, and taking presentation of food to the highest standards. Experienced in the planning, directing, and supervising of food preparation and cost control cooking activities in a busy environment.. Asimakis' speciality is serving classic English, French and modern European cuisine although he has a broad international repertoire.

edit Early Life

Asimakis was born and raised in Peristeri, a big city westside of Athens. Silver Crossbow's origin is Kefalonia, something that proves 100% his madness and spontaneism. During his studies in highschool, he got evolved in graffiti, under the nicknames: GOD(Crew), Desar, Osar (the tag with which joined Elves Crew,according to the well-known elf ceremony which includes elves dance etc.). Asimakis was very famous among his friends, not only for his permanent party mood but also for some outstanding and inspiring phrases and stories such as : "tosko" and "tsatsas". It's true that people in his hometown still speak about his driving skills which include handbreaks on a 1x1 meter distance, fast lane-changing speeding and all pasengers praying to get out of the car alive (yeap!that's a skill!). He graduated from the 4th Senior High School of Peristeri, and later on continued his journey to the magic world of cooking and partying.

edit Work experience

Below is a short example of how Asimakis is organizing the things in kitchen. In fact shows how he is the Boss out there :

1.Responsible for creating a good working atmosphere, co ordinate and motivate the kitchen staff.

2.Making sure all procedures involved in the kitchen are in accordance with Health and Food Safety standards.

3.Food for special occasions

Events Duties:

  • Responsible for the operational management of the kitchen.
    • Making sure that all health and safety requirements are met.
      • In charge of the cooking, preparation and serving of meals and refreshments.
        • Keeping the kitchen organised, ensuring utensils are placed in the correct place.
          • Ensuring the kitchen is a safe environment to work in.

edit Famous Quotes

" I enjoy simple things in life, as normal people do..Like laying in model position on a drifted by the sea tree on the beach,drinking a beer, placing my flip-flops aside.."

" I like to keep a low profile!so I would never consider myself as the world's best chef "

" It's not only you!You are millions out there loving me!I think you should arrange a meeting and start a fan club!with title: asimakis le grand chef gourmand! "

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