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What destroyed some lives as we know it.

Wiktionary is another project doled out by the Wikimedia corp. and is supposed to have proper definitions for words just like a dictionary to provide propar gremmeer. There have been overwhelmingly positive reviews about it's accuracy in it's first week after development, but it was found that all of the critics were actually Wikimedia employees looking to increase it's popularity and hopefully get more donations to buy more porn for the corporation.


A worker at Wikimedia was working on Wikipedia one day, but he wasn't happy. The evil that Wikimedia made it's workers do made the worker's wife leave him, the government keeping a close eye on him and his browser history watched, much to his dismay. He decided that he will commit suicide but take a chunk of Wikimedia's fame to go down with his death. He created "Me-ctionary" to tell everyone of the acts Wikimedia did and about his personal life in definition form (i.e. Love=Not my ex-wife. Death=My ex-wife). He released this under Wikimedia's name to give them a bad reputation before he was pushing up daisies. Wikimedia saw this and became very angry, and decided to keep the worker in a locked room with regular intervals of forced food to keep him alive while they torture him.

What Wikimedia was surprised to fine, however, was that the website actually had potential, since they thought that "Me-ctionary" could be changed to "We-ctionary". They later changed this to Wiktionary so people who saw wikipedia knew that they were from the same company.


After Wiktionary was released under it's new name, they started working on copying exactly from another website dictionary and exploited it for themselves to give them more chances of donations. While they were doing this, they had the workers not working on copying and pasting to make 100% review scores for the website to garner more attention. Once they were done and finally started getting some visitors, they found that there was a watermark on every definition for the copied website. The visitors told the website and they filed a massive lawsuit.

The website had less pages than Wikipedia on the sole fact that Wiktionary had every word in the normal english vocabulary, but Wikipedia is filled with made-up and usually pointless words no one pays attention to.


So that happenned, but Wikimedia bribed the judge and the lawsuit was over.

However, Wiktionary also was sued by for taking their users because of the positive reviews. had a snapped spine from overuse, however, so they couldn't make it and the lawsuit was over.

These failiures just increased Wikimedia's morale to make more money off of helpless saps.

The worker

The worker was eventually released and was given 1 million dollars by Wikimedia (In monoploy money) Where he deposited it in the bank and was subsequently arrested and faces a lifetime in jail. Stupid Americans.

The worker was recognized by Wikimedia for creating the idea, but not in a very good way. The website dedicated to him is Uncyclopedia On account of his false information.


What legacy? The wiktioanry toght you goed gremear. Tat's aell.

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