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“He plays a mean bass.”
~ Frank Zappa on Yesihavecookies

“Thanks to him I'm coming back into style.”
~ Suspenders on Yesihavecookies

“Me too!”
~ Cuffed Pants on the last quote

“He's an idiot loser!”
~ Ace Cannon on Yesihavecookies

'Yesihavecookies' is the uncyclopedia username for none other than Anthony Fantano (don't worry, he's barely Italian).

edit Facts About Yesihavecookies


Alternate ego.

  • He eats little to no cookies. This is why he never runs out.
  • His favorite food is falafel.
  • His alternate personality, Ace Cannon, has been working in the field of of journalism for over 42 years.

edit Pages Yesihavecookies has worked on (admittedly)

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