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Steel Kidney
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Peeing is a beautiful thing - a very beautiful thing. Also some professional pee-ers earn upwards of a lot of money, which is a plus. This is why I want to do as much peeing and pissing as possible. I personally aim for a 1% toilet thresh-hold - that is, only 1% of my pee is allowed to misfire and enter a toilet. The following is a list of articles I have personally pissed upon or wet myself over (oldest at the bottom, newest at the top):

21. Neo Geo - by S3ahawk - Pee (In-depth)
20. UnBooks:Travels Through the Tropics - by TLB - Pee (Quick Review)
19. UnNews:EvenBalance and EA Games release new anti-cheat system, PunkWaster - by Freyyr890 - Pee (In-depth)
18. GoldenShower No I Didn't - by Mrmonkey72 - Pee (In-depth) Won A Golden Shower Award
17. UnNews:Phoenix Lander discovers ice on Mars - by Wildcatherder - Pee (In-depth)
16. UnNews:Quantum physicists discover magic; J.K. Rowling demands royalties - by Ljlego - Pee (In-depth)
15. Ninjastar Insomnia (moved to mainspace) - by Orian57 - Pee (In-depth)
14. UnNews:Obama wins Democratic nomination, Clinton pushes forward with campaign - by Sonic80 - Second Pee (In-depth)
13. UnNews:Obama Wins Democratic Nomination, Clinton Pushes Forward with Campaign - by Sonic80 - Pee (In-depth)
12. Ninjastar UnNews:Scientists devote massive funds for cancer research to production of an 'orgasmatron' - by TheLedBalloon - Pee (In-depth)
11. UnNews:COCKS embraced: Lawsuit filed against Cedric the Entertainer - by Cheapinitreal - Second Pee (In-depth)
10. Ninjastar Why?:Won't That Damn CD Player Play My Vinyls - by Heerenveen - Pee (In-depth)
9. UnNews:Jesus Christ endorses Obama - by Dr. Fenwick - Pee (In-depth)
8. UnNews:COCKS embraced! Lawsuit filed against Cedric the Entertainer! (moved to new title) - by Cheapinitreal - Pee (In-depth)
7. Fear Mongering - by THE - Pee (In-depth)
6. Mop Bucket Stan (country) - by Spillin Dylan - Pee (In-depth) Won Spillin Dylan's Bad Dog Template
5. Substitute Teacher - by - Pee (In-depth)
4. 21st Century Nazis (moved to mainspace) - by Optimuschris - Pee (In-depth)
3. The Way In - by HonestUser - Pee (In-depth)
2. Mammal - by Cajek - Pee (In-depth)
1. GoldenShower Object Permanence - by Cajek - Pee (In-depth) Won A Golden Shower Award

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