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Now-a, I'm being nice-a to you, cause I like ya. I'm-a just hoping you ain't gonna use dis list as a hitlist. I don't one none of my boys bein' shot at-a by you! You hear me? This ain't no gang, this is the mafia, and this ain't no hitlist.

All members are encouraged to nail {{Mafioso}} to their userpage!

Both Branches
The Don Mr. Antonio "Snowmobile" Yettie

The Retired Capo Bastone Mr. Lavrenti "Digits" Hex (Russian)

Russian Branch - Italian Branch
The Retired Big Boss (Большой Босс) Mr. Iosef "Fifty-Seven" Orian

The Big Boss (Большой Босс) Mr. Lazar "Meth" Jasper (Special Duties: Bartender)
Rukovoditel/Chief (Руководитель) Colin "All Your Base" Heaney
The Retired Rukovoditel/Chief (Руководитель) Miss. Aleksandra "Flairs" Nacky (The First Lady of The Mafia)
The Retired Naemnyj Uijca/Hitman (Наемный уийца) Mr. Isaak "Wiry" Sean
The Retired Naemnyj Uijca/Hitman (Наемный уийца) Mr. Vladmir "Mischievous" Ned
The Retired Naemnyj Uijca/Hitman (Наемный уийца) Mr. Yuri "Deejay" Gentoo
Naemnyj Uijca/Hitman (Наемный уийца) Mr. Fedor "Happy" Times
The Retired Prixvosten/Henchman (Прихвостень) Mr. Sergei "Geo" Prickett
The Retired Prestupnik/Criminal (Преступник) Mr. Joey "Asplode" Bomb
Prestupnik/Criminal (Преступник) Mr. Vladamir "Eminem" M. N. M.
The Retired Prestupnik/Criminal (Преступник) Mr. Maxim "Forty-two" Nathan
Prestupnik/Criminal (Преступник) Mr. Ioann "Damned" Followspot

The Retired Chariman Mr. Rodrigo S. P. "Spuddy" Burek

The Retired Capo Bastone Delegato Mr. Carlos R. "Grieve" Tenenbaum
Consigliere Mr. Paolo "Barbecue" Cheddar
Capodecina (Capo) Mr. Alberto "Letters" Rwg
Capodecina (Capo) Mr. Dante "Thirty Nine" Monkey
Sgarrista Lord Dino "Nobility" Arcadian
Sgarrista Mr. Dante "Five" Gert
The Retired Sgarrista Mr. Bruno "Tee" Velosi
Sgarrista Mr. Cristiano "Booky" Readmesoon
The Retired Sgarrista Mr. Dario "Eelg" Kglee
The Retired Sgarrista Mr. Adriano "Legal" Zarbi (Judge)
The Retired Sgarrista Teodoro "Trenta" Trrri
Piciotto Mr. Franco "Multi" Literalist
Piciotto Mr. Georgio "Vowels" Mnbvcxz
Piciotto Mr. Cornelio "Degrees" Man

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