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The bartender finally cleaned this place up. Now the wine cellar's full, the ashtrays are empty and the dumpsters are full of dead hookers. Woo! -- MafiaHatBlack.gif C.B.D. C.R. "Grieve" Tenenbaum

Hey bartender, have you donated your dollar for day? And good work on the clean up, although next time I'd prefer less French wine in the cellar. Oh and there's a few dead bodies bleeding over the Family accountant. He was getting quite whiny about it, apparently the seedy back room of the Mafia bar filled with the sleeziest hookers in sleezyville helps him to "concentrate" while he's fixing our books. Yours Sincerely, Don Mr. Antonio "Snowmobile" Yettie
I see. What a horndog... now, drinks for everyone! -- MafiaHatBlack.gif C.B.D. C.R. "Grieve" Tenenbaum
Clinks all round! Yours Sincerely, Don Mr. Antonio "Snowmobile" Yettie
Oh, by-a di way, thanks for letting me-a donate the 240k. MafiaHatBlack Босс Mr. Lazar "Meth" Jasper
Yes! Now, get the word out! All mafia members may donate 100k if they get an article or image featured. A donation of 300k or more (not counting the various large sums of money people have found and donated) will win you a promotion. Get the word out! Oh and there's a 50k bounty on every user you recruit to the Family. - [16:33 18 August] Yours Sincerely, Don Mr. Antonio "Snowmobile" Yettie
How's this? MafiaHatBlack Босс Mr. Lazar "Meth" Jasper (18:09 18 Aug 2008)
Good work! I like you, Dotnot, I like you! Yours Sincerely, Don Mr. Antonio "Snowmobile" Yettie
Thank-a you. I didn't really think-a it would be-a an official mafia page, more thanks-a for that. MafiaHatBlack Босс Mr. Lazar "Meth" Jasper (19:49 18 Aug 2008)

I'll call in some favors and see if I can't find some recruits... -- MafiaHatBlack.gif C.B.D. C.R. "Grieve" Tenenbaum

Good, bueno! 5K to you and DotNot as your bartending salary. And also (hush, hush) I was wondering if we could/should make this dollary thing a little more official - as long as we can make it different to Yoinxx and the like. What-a you think? Yours Sincerely, Don Mr. Antonio "Snowmobile" Yettie

Grazie mille, Don. That dollar thing sounds like a good idea to me, I already have a cash template, although it would have to be much more professional-looking if we're gonna use it. Also, I think it would be a good idea to get an admin on the team, although most of them seem to be "unfit" for mafia status.. -- MafiaHatBlack.gif C.B.D. C.R. "Grieve" Tenenbaum
Getting a admin on board will always prove hard cause admins are always the "usergroups are pointless" types. Always. I was just looking at that template when I saw the new div for this page. Coincidence, huh? I like it and with a bit of touching up it could work! We could also keep a little account book of who earned what and when and Mafia moneys. We could make it so that we have to pay for things... I dunno what. Each time we create a new Mafia page? Or make substantial changes? It would kinda be a bit self-limiting. Any thoughts? Yours Sincerely, Don Mr. Antonio "Snowmobile" Yettie
We could have that accounting dept. we were talking about, and a page listing the transactions would do. I don't know what we would pay for, but we could charge for things like "executions" or help on sigs on whatnot. -- MafiaHatBlack.gif C.B.D. C.R. "Grieve" Tenenbaum
Yes. I'm going to bed now - I think you're American, but over here in the Land of Hope and Glory it's slightly late - but take a look at this and make any changes you want to. On this page we could keep the books, eh? Yours Sincerely, Don Mr. Antonio "Snowmobile" Yettie
Alright... um... goodnight, sir. -- MafiaHatBlack.gif C.B.D. C.R. "Grieve" Tenenbaum
This may have been what you were suggesting...but Digits once suggested an "In" and "Out" tray style of doing tasks thing and engaging with the community. How about this - people, especially noobs, can ask the Mafia to do a certain task for them and they can offer up to $10 per contrib (as long as they haven't been banned for more than two days in the previous month). The user or users who complete the task take the money (or share it if they want) and then donate it - or if we work on something more complicated - it is logged in a "accounting books" page and then they can do stuff with it. And now, I bid you goodnight. Oh and send that women - you know the one, yeh, the one whose parents, husband, sisters and children we ruthlessly murdered - some flowers, not too expensive mind. Yours Sincerely, Don Mr. Antonio "Snowmobile" Yettie
Flowers. Will do. I guess for now, we can just keep thing small, you know offering help to noobs and whatnot in return for cash and taking note of it on that money page. There's no need to dive head-first into this whole thing. -- MafiaHatBlack.gif C.B.D. C.R. "Grieve" Tenenbaum
Can I donate the 5k? MafiaHatBlack Босс Mr. Lazar "Meth" Jasper
I don't see why not, but I'm saving mine until I have that 300K...-- MafiaHatBlack.gif C.B.D. C.R. "Grieve" Tenenbaum
Oh, okay, I'll-a save mine too. I have only 60k to go-a anyways. I think. MafiaHatBlack Босс Mr. Lazar "Meth" Jasper
Where'd you get ... 240K?! ... sigh ... anyhow, I got an idea - we can grab those noob's attention early by sticking something like this on the bottom of those welcome templates: User:Regret Tenenbaum/mafia ad2 -- MafiaHatBlack.gif C.B.D. C.R. "Grieve" Tenenbaum
Archive 1, remember? And I'm joining the welcoming committee, right now. MafiaHatBlack Босс Mr. Lazar "Meth" Jasper
Oh yeah! I remember! How do you join the Welcoming Committee? I wanna join, too! -- MafiaHatBlack.gif C.B.D. C.R. "Grieve" Tenenbaum
That Mafia ad now links to this... User:YesTimeToEdit/mafia/noobhelp -- MafiaHatBlack.gif C.B.D. C.R. "Grieve" Tenenbaum

Sorry to say that 240k doesn't count and neither does your $1000. All though all the single dollars you've donated, do. I like what you're doing there with noob help, although we need a new picture as there is a COMPUTER in that one!!!! Also, I think I'm going to add an "out" tray for stuff. So once a user has completed a task they cross it out on the "in" tray and move it to the "out" tray, sign, explain what they've done and then I'll monitor this and dosh out cash as appropriate.

Meanwhile, I'll be setting up slightly more official accounts here. Apart from the accounts and this noob thing...we won't go diving in, RT. I think you should create a Mafia ad recruitment thing and a seperate one that looks similar but is for noobs. Also I've been on the welcoming committee for a while now (User:YesTimeToEdit/welcome) and have been including a CMC ad, I could ad a Mafia one too. Saying "If you're stuck and have no idea where to turn, then come along down to the Mafia. We're nice, friendly Family people willing to help you with your problem!" or something. Yours Sincerely, Don Mr. Antonio "Snowmobile" Yettie

Completely unrelated, I added a quick link to edit this page at the bottom, to save with the scrolling around for stuff. Also, I've sort-a finished the Russian Bar, it just needs a picture (which I have), but I'm in the middle of shopping and formatting. --MafiaHatBlack.gif Mr. Lavrenti "Digits" Hex 09:47, 19 August 2008 (UTC)
Ok, so this can be used as a sort of invitation to the mafia, while this one can be put under the welcome templates, and has a link to the help page (the picture on which I already replaced). -- MafiaHatBlack.gif C.B.D. C.R. "Grieve" Tenenbaum
Guys! Regret was right in saying that there has been a lag in the enrolment post, so I'm making an announcement! Anyone who's name appears in bold on the members list may accept people into their branch of the Mafia. Ya hear me? - [18:28 21 August] Sir FSt Don MafiaHatBlack.gif Yettie
I only invited VGDictator, and he's in a coma. MafiaHatBlack Босс Mr. Lazar "Meth" Jasper

Hey people, thought I'd drop in and join the conversation. And thanks, Grieve, for inviting me. -MafiaHatBrown Sgarrista Mr. Bruno "Tee" Velosi

Hey-a Tee, don't screw with-a di image. It makes it look all-a weird. MafiaHatBlack Босс Mr. Lazar "Meth" Jasper
Screw with di image? - [07:48 22 August] Sir FSt Don MafiaHatBlack.gif Yettie
His sig had-a di brown hat, but it-a showed [[Image:MafiaHatBrown.jpg|20px]] instead of just leaving it-a.. as is, and it looked like a-crippled hat. MafiaHatBlack Босс Mr. Lazar "Meth" Jasper
As was-a pointed out on-a my talk page, di hat-a is more than 12px-a high, and-a is therefore illegal. Wait-a....Who cares-a? MafiaHatBrown Sgarrista Mr. Bruno "Tee" Velosi
I don't put the hat on my actual sig for a reason. MafiaHatBlack Босс Mr. Lazar "Meth" Jasper

I believe I'm in line for 100k, seeing as I got Readmesoon and Velosi-T to join. I think Meth also got someone to join, no? Anyhow, perhaps it's time for an archive? -- MafiaHatBlack.gif C.B.D. C.R. "Grieve" Tenenbaum

100k? I'm on it. - [07:54 26 August] Sir FSt Don MafiaHatBlack.gif Yettie
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