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Aug 2 - I just wanna thank the Don for allowing me to enter such a prestigious group. I also wanna send my regards to my boss, Mr. Rodrigo S. P. "Spuddy" Burek now... where the girls? -- MafiaHatBlack.gif C.B.D. C.R. "Grieve" Tenenbaum

By the way, who's up for a game of cards? 1

Ahh! The cards are being worked on furiously by Digits. Utterly forgotten his user-name cause it's totally digits, hence not providing a link. Also, welcome in! Also, here are the girls. Also "clink"! Yours Sincerely, Don Mr. Antonio "Snowmobile" Yettie
Haha! Grazie mille! Ok, well forget the cards. Anyhow, I was reading up on The Family's plans (aka Digit's talk page) and I happened to pass over the part about "oppurtunities". Well, you see, that directory thing on the bottom of all of The Family's pages is all black to me here on IE7. I thought that was normal... until I got Safari, where the text came up burgundy. Would you mind if I fixed that? (mayhap replace it with a template?). And please excuse me for dicussing buisness in a place of lesure, Don Yettie. If you need me, I'll be on this pool table with this broad here. -- MafiaHatBlack.gif C.B.D. C.R. "Grieve" Tenenbaum
You mean this pool-table? 'Cos that one's still bein' built. The Mafia's gonna install it once it's been finished... I hope. MafiaHatBlack.gif Mr. Lavrenti "Digits" Hex
I'm-a not sure about that pool table, Hex. What I like using the pool table for involves quite a bit of blood. I wouldn't want to ruin the lovely thing. Mr. Tenenbaum please go ahead with whatever you plan to do. Making it a template was what I was going to do...for convenience, but if you did that it would be great. You could leave it the colour it is and then have a dramatic white background to it? Also, I'm looking for a barman to look after this place. Archive it if any discussion gets to long and chuck out people. Anyone fancy the job? Yours Sincerely, Don Mr. Antonio "Snowmobile" Yettie
Oh, it's ok. I didn't mean any specific pool table, that was just a metaphor for having sex. I'll get on the template (haha), it should be under the mafia's name (User:YesTimeToEdit/mafia/directory), right? -- MafiaHatBlack.gif C.B.D. C.R. "Grieve" Tenenbaum
Or User:YesTimeToEdit/mafia/links...whatever, as long as we all know it doesn't matter too much. Yours Sincerely, Don Mr. Antonio "Snowmobile" Yettie

I'm not trying to question your choices, Don, but I was wondering why you took that Nacky gal's name off the enrol list. -- MafiaHatBlack.gif C.B.D. C.R. "Grieve" Tenenbaum

What? I didn't...I accepted her and added her to the members list. Did I do something by accident that I'm not aware of? - [21:07 4 August] Sir FSt Don MafiaHatBlack.gif Yettie
Uh... nevermind, I was mistaken. Sorry. -- MafiaHatBlack.gif C.B.D. C.R. "Grieve" Tenenbaum

sits down at bar Well, I scraped the last of the gum off my snowshoes/boots, whatever the hell they are. drinks the ginger ale offered Ah, that's refreshing. I got the mission messed up, boss. I went to the Arctic Circle because I had the map upside down. I missed the big blow-out in Death Valley. I suppose the snow boots would have killed me so it's probably for the best that I went to the wrong location. However, I did not come back empty handed. hands the boss a rare crystal formed under an icesheet near the Magnetic North Pole. That gem is probably worth a fortune and yes, I did clean the walrus guts off of it before handling it. Mgr. Nacky (talk) 09:56, 7 August 2008 (UTC)

You have my permission to trade that gem in for a mighty $10 and then donate that $10 all at once to our financial people. Yours Sincerely, Don Mr. Antonio "Snowmobile" Yettie
It has extremely magnetic properties. Don't you think you could use it on things like locks, machines, Brinks trucks? Mgr. Nacky (talk) 10:10, 7 August 2008 (UTC)
Personally I'd quite like $10. Yours Sincerely, Don Mr. Antonio "Snowmobile" Yettie

Enters the bar Oh, hi. Do I need to do ANYTHING for now? I'm going to get a martini and slowly eat the olive if not. MafiaHatBlack Босс Mr. Lazar "Meth" Jasper

Nope! This is a place of leisure, my friend. In fact - mind if I join you? By the way, Don, can I donate that $1000 you gave me awhile back? (if it hasn't exploded already) -- MafiaHatBlack.gif C.B.D. C.R. "Grieve" Tenenbaum
Well then. Let the giochi di bere begin! Can I have-a martini? Thanks. Slowly eats the olive MafiaHatBlack Босс Mr. Lazar "Meth" Jasper
After 3 martinis (slurred)I've-a never been-a drunk-a before! Condannare mia madre e le sue maniere di puttana di incrinatura! MafiaHatBlack Босс Mr. Lazar "Meth" Jasper
Really? Is she still in "service?" (Why am I still sober? I've been here for days...) -- MafiaHatBlack.gif C.B.D. C.R. "Grieve" Tenenbaum
No, she died 2 years ago of crack overdose. MafiaHatBlack Босс Mr. Lazar "Meth" Jasper
Oh. My apologies, I'll have one of my men send some flowers to her grave. -- MafiaHatBlack.gif C.B.D. C.R. "Grieve" Tenenbaum
Grazie, but no. Everybody that passed by pissed on her grave. Even my father and I. MafiaHatBlack Босс Mr. Lazar "Meth" Jasper
Oh... (awkward silence) How about another martini? -- MafiaHatBlack.gif C.B.D. C.R. "Grieve" Tenenbaum
No, I still have a headache. MafiaHatBlack Босс Mr. Lazar "Meth" Jasper

You may donate that $1000. "With permission from the Don". - [21:52 7 August] Yours Sincerely, Don Mr. Antonio "Snowmobile" Yettie

Look at all these hats! laughing and giggling and laughing I just scared the crap outta one of the Chinese store owners. He got out his marbles bag and threw it at me. Then screamed like a little girl. more giggling and laughing The Mafia's Sweetheart 20sHat.gif Chief Miss. Aleksandra "Flairs" Nacky MafiaHatBlack.gif

Nice to see you here, Nacky. Please, have a drink, it's all free. Now, does anyone with reasonable wiki-coding skills want to be the bartender here? That means breaking up fights and archiving. Anyone? Yours Sincerely, Don Mr. Antonio "Snowmobile" Yettie
Well, can I at least run and build the Italiano Bar-ra? Pizza and food and drink and stuff-a. Even-di water, for those who are concerned about their blood alcohol or alcohol something. I've got it all planned out, sort of. MafiaHatBlack Босс Mr. Lazar "Meth" Jasper The time is 15:29, 8 August 2008 (UTC)
Rejoice! I-a finished! MafiaHatBlack Босс Mr. Lazar "Meth" Jasper The time is 21:28, 8 August 2008 (UTC)

Oh my god-a! Someone gave me this chest with a lot of gold, he said it's-a worth over $240,000! Don, what he hell-a do I do? MafiaHatBlack Босс Mr. Lazar "Meth" Jasper

Pirates give you chest? Russian Mafia accent Arr. Pirate accent The Mafia's Sweetheart 20sHat.gif Chief Miss. Aleksandra "Flairs" Nacky MafiaHatBlack.gif
Are you sure it's not that fancy explodin' money that's been circulatn' lately? -- MafiaHatBlack.gif C.B.D. C.R. "Grieve" Tenenbaum
Let me see. Pours propane over it, then washes it out Nope. It's fully.. how you say... legitimate. MafiaHatBlack Босс Mr. Lazar "Meth" Jasper
I see... so... where'd you get it? -- MafiaHatBlack.gif C.B.D. C.R. "Grieve" Tenenbaum
Can we launder it? I mean, you know, after you've poured propane all over it and all... The Mafia's Sweetheart 20sHat.gif Chief Miss. Aleksandra "Flairs" Nacky MafiaHatBlack.gif
...Yes, we can-a... launder it. MafiaHatBlack Босс Mr. Lazar "Meth" Jasper
Hold on, lemme find my dictionary ... Yeah, let's do that! -- MafiaHatBlack.gif C.B.D. C.R. "Grieve" Tenenbaum
Gold + Propane + Huh? = Profit!

Does anyone mind if we have a little "wager" on the olympics? -- MafiaHatBlack.gif C.B.D. C.R. "Grieve" Tenenbaum

No, thank-ah you though. I haven't put an Olympic wager since 1996, when I lost half my money. MafiaHatBlack Босс Mr. Lazar "Meth" Jasper
I bet China executes their non medal winners, for disgracing the glorious people's republic MafiaHatBlack.gif Mr. Lavrenti "Digits" Hex

Wow... this place has been pretty placid lately. We need to do something about it... how bout... we go find some other user group and execute them all... or... something less violent... come on, what do you say? -- MafiaHatBlack.gif C.B.D. C.R. "Grieve" Tenenbaum

Certain Anti-Whoring laws have scaled back the recruiting drive of ours, so we'll have to lie low for a while until the heat is off, then we can jump a few suckers and get some quality goods. Also, BlackJack is almost done... I'm just inputting what my SpreadSheet says, and I'll stop when I'm bored. There's now a Three Card Hand as well. I've got to make a 2-3 and a 3-2 hand, but that's a while off yet. --MafiaHatBlack.gif Mr. Lavrenti "Digits" Hex 07:09, 15 August 2008 (UTC)
Is Fnoodle still gonna be the dealer? MafiaHatBlack Босс Mr. Lazar "Meth" Jasper
I see. Damn. -- MafiaHatBlack.gif C.B.D. C.R. "Grieve" Tenenbaum

Hey guys, it's the Don. My wathlist seemed to be failing a bit (anyone who can sort him out will be rewarded) and so I missed all the discussion. What's been going on about these parts? I heard talk of a lot of moneys? Is this-a true? Yours Sincerely, Don Mr. Antonio "Snowmobile" Yettie

Oh and wear the hell is a bartender for this place? We're going to need a bit of an archive soon! Yours Sincerely, Don Mr. Antonio "Snowmobile" Yettie
I'll be the bartender. I'll archive when this particular discussion is over. Um.. let's see we were betting on the Olympics of a bit and we were laundering gold and.. looking at all the hats... that's it... so.. yeah. -- MafiaHatBlack.gif C.B.D. C.R. "Grieve" Tenenbaum
Good good! And I'd like the finder of this gold to have it melted down and sold on and then to deposit the money in our "donation" box. Talking about donations, I better go and drop a dollar in. Yours Sincerely, Don Mr. Antonio "Snowmobile" Yettie
Got that, Methy? If so, ARCHIVE!!! -- MafiaHatBlack.gif C.B.D. C.R. "Grieve" Tenenbaum
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