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Submit A Game

Have you absolutely finished your game? And checked more times than you'd care to remember? Good. Now just add your game below with your username and other such important details and your game will be added to all the official game lists and what not. You should also include what category it fits into and whether it's finished or not. Here's an example:

  • Game:MyGame - MyGame's Type (i.e. Text Adventure) - MyGame's Status (i.e. completed, not completed, nearly completed etc.) - A message or comment - Signature

If your game is not processed within two weeks and you have created a high quality game then you can add your game to the portal page yourself under the appropriate category. If your game is not nearly completed or not to a high enough standard this link may be removed. It is your responsibility to add your game to Recent Games.

Now, just put ye games here to submit them:

Game:Uncharted: The Text Adventure -Text Adventure -not completed -a cheap, free-to-play rip-off of the Uncharted series. Promise not to include any copyrighted content related to the official games of the series. ---Scofield 15:14, November 12, 2010 (UTC)
Businessman's Luck - A point-based game based on luck. 6 points and you win. Very hard. --JordonOng 11:15, May 31, 2011 (UTC)

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