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Finished A Game?

So you've finished making your game have you? You think it's pwetty special, huh? And of course it's extremely funny, isn't it? It is, right? OK, so here's what you should do once you've finished your game, in nice, easy to follow steps.


Please Note: This has nothing to do with anything. Thank you.

edit Step The First: Check It

What's the first thing to do once you've finished your revolutionary, masterpiece of a game? Check it again, of course! You could get someone else to check it for you, if you're lazy, but it's best if you do the checking. Make sure there are no little mistakes and no big mistakes left in there. Hey, here's a checklist:

  • All your links work correctly?
  • Are there no spelling mistakes?
  • Are there no formatting mistakes or broken tags?
  • Does it look pwetty?
  • Are their hidden phone boxes within your game?
  • Actually, scrap that last one.

So, are you good to go? Good!

edit Step The Second: Submit It!

Now your game is really finished you can submit it to YTTE! Just add your game, your username and all that sort of stuff to YTTE's submission page and you're done. He'll then add it to all the right lists, drop you a message on your talk page, amuse you by juggling three brightly coloured reptiles and leave you in the assurance you've submitted a game to Uncyclopedia! Happy? Good.

edit Yes It's Really That Simple

Yep, there's only two steps. It's really that easy. so why aren't YOU making a game, right now? Huh? Get to it!

If you want advice on creating games you should potter down yonder.

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