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Gamemaking Advice

Creating a game isn't that easy. But it isn't impossible, either. Making a game is also very different to writing an article (duh!) and can offer a bit of a break. If you haven't made one before, but want to, or if you just want a bit of advice, here's seven things that could make your game better.

  1. Be original. If people want to be eaten by Grues, they'll play Zork. But if you want to put bears with sharks for arms and spaghetti for legs in your game, that's fine. Just make something original, for Pete's sake.
  2. Be creative. Wait, isn't that similar to be original? Perhaps. but don't make a game that is boring. Nobody cares about a game that is boring, so make sure that the game is well written or nobody will play the game.
  3. Have fun. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. And if we have some dull fool making games, that would make everyone dull. So try to have fun making your game, dammit!
  4. Have something cool. Your game needs something cool in it. Something more than links and clever dialogue. It could be something small, like entering a cheat in the URL, or something complicated, like a freaking lockpicking game. But have something interesting in your dull adventure or else. Some games have great concepts, but a great concept can only be used once, except for in some, really really really special cases.
  5. Don't be too annoying. If you're making a time-waster game, don't make it so utterly annoying people will start killing spamming Uncyclopedia with death threats. Sure, annoying, time-wasting annoying-ness can be funny, just don't go over the edge.
  6. Make it at least a little bit challenging. If you're making a text adventure, don't make it too easy or short. Spend some time on it, and make it a bit of a challenge, you lazy bugger.
  7. Get opinions on it. Once you've started making your game and you've done a fair amount of it, why not submit it to Pee Review, to see what is thought of your game? Just like with articles something that's really funny to you, may not make someone else laugh. Often a review will point out a few things you missed and suggest changes.

And the ultimate key to making a good game? This.

Now just click on the Create A Game link to get started! Good luck!

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