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Cow Moo Cult!

The CMC uses strict enforcement of its rules as an integral part of its murderous community. The following are the "Seven And A Half Cow Pats" - the official seven and half super-duper rules. A member of the CMC can expect a large loss of Cow Mooage if they break anyone of them.
1.Repsect Da Cows Never be mean to the cows.
2.Worship Da Cows You should worship the cows and generally moo for as long as possible (note: eating cow meat is considered worshipping cows).
3.Remain Awesome Never let your awesomeness slip away.
4.Marmite and Ice Cream You must NEVER eat Marmite with or on Ice cream.
5.Respect the Cow Moo Festival You must ALWAYS worships cows on the day of the Cow Moo Festival, even if it is only a little moo in your head.
6.Respect Dis Here CMC Respect other members of the CMC, especially ones that outrank you.
7.Never Leave If you ever leave the cult a cow will strike you down with Mooage.
7.5. Stay Secret As a faithful member of the CMC, you must keep all CMC business strictly secret when ordered to do so.
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