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Cow Moo Cult!

The Decree for the Speaker May 2008

was passed in the Upper Court of the CMC Parliament on the 29th of May 2008. It passed with a 100% majority. The Decree creates the honour of "Speaker" and assigns the speaker the following duties.

The Speaker, once elected, holds the position until a Four Stomach decides to hold a second vote. The Speaker is in place to watch out for vandals, keep the house (and its users) in order, fail and pass votes, swear in new courtiers and bestow the honour of Courtier (after the house agreed on giving a certain user the honour). The Speaker also, like any honoured CMC member, can update the CMC announcements page, and should do so when bestowing the honour of Courtier.

It also adds the above text to the CMC Parliament's "Ground Law".
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